HARMAN’s strong ties to music go beyond the products and technologies we’re constantly developing to enhance audio innovations for our customers, enterprises, audiophiles and consumers. As a global connected technology leader, every day, we strive to connect people by creating meaningful experiences. Music embodies that same spirit. Over the past year, people have found ways to connect to their favorite artists and each other through shared musical experiences. That’s why, during this year on Make Music Day (MMD), we’re taking steps to help listeners around the world understand the importance and power of music. Just how is HARMAN celebrating MMD this year? We have a jam-packed schedule filled with fun and meaningful activities that are reaching HARMAN family members and music lovers across the globe. Learn more about our Make Music Day 2021 celebrations:


Spreading Cheer to the Community

HARMAN spearheaded impact-focused activations to help members of the HARMAN family celebrate Make Music Day. For example, many of our U.S. employees joined us for “Window Serenades.” Through this special program created for Make Music Day, HARMAN employees gathered outside windows at nursing homes across the country to provide patients and caregivers with beautiful concerts in a safe, socially distanced way. At a time when many felt more isolated than ever before, HARMAN was thrilled to foster a connection with those in need through the power of music, highlighting its sheer power and ability to bring people together in unconventional yet greatly necessary ways. We also encouraged our musical staff to share their talents with us through 2021 HARMAN Make Music Day Jam Sessions! From playing instruments to belting out original songs, members of the HARMAN family honored Make Music Day by sharing their own musical talents with us.

Leading Through Collaboration and Insight  

We also worked with some of our incredible nonprofit partners to make sure the joy of Make Music Day 2021 was felt far and wide. The National Association of Music Merchants, a proud HARMAN partner, helped sponsor and create Make Music Day activations all over the world. Just in time for Make Music Day and its exciting 75th anniversary, HARMAN powerhouse brand JBL revealed its study on the importance of music in popular culture as the world opens up again. Remarkably, the study found that, more than any other in-person activity, Americans are most looking forward to returning back to live concerts. JBL conducted the study in line with Make Music Day to help honor the annual global celebration of music’s power to connect and uplift listeners everywhere.


Participants in the study agreed overwhelmingly that music has the ability to sweep them away to a specific moment: 74% of US respondents said they felt that music is a time machine able to instantly transport them to a specific time. When asked what concert they would choose if they could travel back in time, 32% of US respondents cited Whitney Houston’s singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the 1991 Super Bowl, followed by Elton John’s performance of “Candle in the Wind” at Princess Diana’s funeral (31%) and The Beatles’ rooftop concert (28%).

The importance of music within the context of HARMAN’s history and mission simply cannot be overstated. It touches every aspect of

our work, from the experiences we cultivate for our consumers through the products we proudly create, to the ways we encourage our employees to express themselves, support their loved ones, and serve their communities. We look forward to celebrating Make Music Day every year, as it gives us another chance to honor our guiding force and biggest inspiration: music.