In celebration of its one-year anniversary, the HARMAN Experiences Per Mile podcast returns with four new episodes! Intended for automotive technology professionals and mobility enthusiasts alike, the podcast explores consumer-centric mobility experiences and the technologies driving them.

Karen Piurkowski, Global Automotive Marketing Director for HARMAN, hosts the Experiences Per Mile Podcast. For this series, she speaks to subject matter experts about their personal outlook on the transformation of the automotive industry, and how HARMAN is embracing these revolutionary changes with a range of dynamic products and innovative services and solutions.

Here’s a preview of the newly available episodes:

Gerhard Grossberger_headshot square

Will streamlining car and radio services provide better social connection for drivers?

Gerhard Grossberger, Director of Telematics Product Management at HARMAN, discusses the most recent telematics technology innovations and, in particular, how the Smart Conformal Antenna will benefit automakers and consumers alike. 


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How are driver and occupant monitoring systems increasing consumer enjoyment?

Dr. Alan Jenkins, Senior Director of Global ADAS Product Development at HARMAN, dives deep into in-cabin monitoring systems and how these technologies offer a safer, more enjoyable mobility experience

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Can software integration make drivers feel more accomplished?

Kaushik Banerjee, Vice President and General Manager of Automotive Engineering Services at HARMAN, describes the value Automotive Engineering Services brings to vehicle manufacturers, and in the end, consumers too.


sqaure kumar

Is dashcam technology making vehicle owners safer?

Munish Kumar, Director of Connected Aftermarket Products at HARMAN, discusses the dashcam market and the issues addressed by the HARMAN smart/auto VISION connected ADAS dashcam.


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