Imagine taking a road trip and your car notifies you that it is low on gasoline. Then an app opens to show you nearby gas stations and the current cost per gallon. You can make an informed decision to select the best price based on your location, and the navigation app opens to take you via the quickest route to the station. After filling up, you continue your drive, and your credit card is automatically charged for your fill-up. This is all possible through embedded in-vehicle app stores, which allow the apps to communicate with the data in your vehicle. Drivers in Europe and Asia have been using this embedded technology for quite some time for parking discovery and payment, and it’s growing in prevalence in the United States.

In the latest installment of the HARMAN Experiences Per Mile podcast, Chris Jo, Head of Ecosystem Business & Global Partnerships for the HARMAN Ignite Store at HARMAN International, shares insights on the future of embedded in-vehicle app stores. He explains the benefits, how they are being adopted across the globe, and advantages for consumers that use the HARMAN Ignite Store, like data security.

This episode also dives into features that set apart the HARMAN Ignite Store for developers through the HARMAN Ignite Developer Portal. The discussion highlights the customizability and unique benefits that OEMs gain through the use of this platform.

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