At HARMAN, our design process puts consumer understanding—from the car to the living room and beyond—at the core of everything we do. Our consumer insights reveal that there is an unmet need for a “third living space” in the car. Our recently launched HARMAN ExP solutions were developed to meet that need. In a new Experiences Per Mile podcast series, host Karen Piurkowski, Global Automotive Marketing Director at HARMAN, has in-depth conversations with subject matter experts about these innovations and how each solution can change the way we spend time in our vehicles.

In this new series of the Experiences Per Mile podcast, listeners will learn how the newest HARMAN ExP solutions were formed.  They will also discover behind-the-scenes details about the development process and understand how HARMAN technology blends together to deliver unique experiences per mile.

The new episodes feature the following topics and guests:

Chris Trestain headshot

Episode 19 - How can music lovers elevate their concert experiences from the car?

Chris Trestain, Engineering Manager at HARMAN, shares how the HARMAN ExP Drive-Live Concert solution is enabling unprecedented levels of interaction and personalization in the car, bringing live music experiences to new heights.

Jason Riggs headshot

Episode 20 - Is the key to creating a truly immersive gaming experience the car?

Jason Riggs, Vice President of Intelligent Audio at HARMAN, describes how the HARMAN ExP Gaming Intense Max solution is transforming the car into the ultimate immersive gaming environment with its blend of car audio technology, high-res screens and automotive cloud support.

Tim VanGoethem

Episode 21 - Will digital creators extend their content curation to the driver’s seat?

Tim VanGoethem, Vice President of Automotive Product Management at HARMAN, explores how the HARMAN ExP Creator Studio solution is bringing all the power of a pro-recording studio right inside the vehicle for the ultimate user-friendly audio, video and photographic setup.

Curated for automotive technology professionals and enthusiasts, the Experiences Per Mile podcast explores consumer-centric mobility experiences and the technologies driving them. If you like what you hear, subscribe to Experiences Per Mile on your favorite podcast channel!

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