As we approach the two-year anniversary of the formation of the EPM Advisory Council—an organization formed by HARMAN and SBD Automotive in 2019 to fuel meaningful consumer innovation through cross-industry collaboration. We recently interviewed three founding members of the Council and spoke about what “Experiences Per Mile” means to them, why their organization chose to join the initiative, and much more.

Intended for automotive technology professionals and mobility enthusiasts alike, the HARMAN Experiences Per Mile podcast explores consumer-centric mobility experiences and the technologies driving them. In this special series, we hear from executives at Ford, Hyundai, and TomTom.

Here’s a preview of the newly launched episodes:


how has the commercial customer

Has the commercial customer been forgotten?

May Russell, Emerging Technologies Executive at Ford Motor Company, explores the in-vehicle experience for commercial customers, and how it differs from that of retail customers.



how is connectivity

How is connectivity driving the EV consumer experience?

Manish Mehrotra, Executive Director of Digital Business Planning & Connected Operations at Hyundai Motor North America, chats with guest host, Jeffrey Hannah, Chief Commercial Officer at SBD Automotive, about the in-vehicle experience for EVs.


how has in vehicle nagivation

How has in-vehicle navigation evolved to satisfy consumer needs?

Paul Hohos, Vice President of Automotive Sales and Managing Director for Americas at TomTom, describes how personalization is being added to embedded in-vehicle navigation to improve user experience, and much more.

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