In July, HARMAN is exploring the technologies and experiences that make travel more seamless, memorable and fun. Please enjoy our latest blog post exploring the topic of travel.

The Indian monsoon season is finally here!  While some of us love sitting at home reading and sipping a cup of hot coffee, others look forward to long drives, weekend trips and holidays to beautiful, scenic locations.

Percussionist guru and HARMAN brand evangelist, Sivamani finds his inspiration and creativity in travelling to different parts of the country.  Monsoon is his favorite time of the year and never impedes his travel.  He says, “After an exhausting summer, we eagerly wait for the raindrops and for the smell of earth with cool breezes to rejoice, so why confine ourselves to homes?”  In fact, water has been important element of his musical journey; he is often seen using water to create different kinds of sound for his craft.

In a conversation with HARMAN, Sivamani got candid about his love for travelling across India, Indian music and how the country’s different cultures inspire him to make music.  Of note, Sivamani’s travel itinerary is incomplete without some of his favorite must-haves:

  • Yoga mat: “I am a strong believer of yoga and I make sure to pack my mat wherever I go. Staying in control and in tune with my mind and body is so helpful to staying productive and inspired, so whenever I get the time, I meditate and practice yoga.”
  • Headphones: “Music is what truly defines me. I relish other artists’ compositions while travelling and feel it is important to appreciate every artist. I always have my wireless AKG headphones with me; they make listening to music at any moment so convenient.  For my friends and family, who join me on these trips, I'm always sure to pack my JBL Flip 3 Bluetooth speaker.  It is a must-have to enjoy music in a group and outdoors and is even weather-proof making it ideal for monsoon season.”
  • Compact umbrella: “Since it is monsoon season, this is essential. I love getting drenched in the rain as it gives me immense relaxation, but sometimes when I have to work during my travels, an umbrella proves to be a savior.”
  • Portable charger: “My phone is an extremely important part of my day to day routine and keeps me connected to my world. I always have a portable charger just in case a socket is not around.”
  • Advice to monsoon travelers: “Plan meticulously, don’t go on a trip without your essentials and ensure your gear is water friendly!”

Thank you to Sivamani for sharing his travel must-haves and inspiring us with his incredible music and passion.