It’s been touted as the ultimate smart speaker. But why is that, exactly? As the popularity of voice-enabled technology and digital assistants has continued to rise, consumers often face the pressure of making a choice between superior sound quality and the convenience of an intelligent digital assistant.

But at HARMAN, we believe in creating high quality audio solutions that meet the needs of today’s consumers, and that means being able to have the best of both worlds – premium sound and smart technology.

In collaboration with Samsung, HARMAN engineers drew upon the insights gained from our heritage as audio experts, which combined with the intelligence of Bixby and the connectivity of SmartThings, resulted in a new speaker that is revolutionizing the connected experience – without skimping on audio quality. Featuring SoundSteer technology and Natural Sound Processing power by HARMAN, the Samsung Galaxy home delivers sound to listeners with unmatched precision of the highest caliber.

With HARMAN’s proprietary SoundSteer technology, listeners can ensure they are always in the audio sweet spot when enjoying their favorite music, podcast, or radio station. Easily activated with a simple “Hey Bixby, SoundSteer” command, the active beam forming technology projects sound directly to the listener based on their location rather than the layout of the room. Even as they change position through the room, SoundSteer technology will ensure it always sounds like they’re standing front and center among the sound.


In addition to top-of-the-line acoustic hardware, the Galaxy Home is the first home speaker to include HARMAN’s Natural Sound Processing (NSP) technology. Despite the recent advancements in recording technology, at times audio playback can leave something to be desired. But by adding spatial depth and accounting for the tonality of different acoustic environments, NSP enables the speaker to produce sound as it was originally intended. In other words, NSP immerses listeners in the rich surround sound that is inherent to whatever they are streaming, whether it’s a live rock concert or thrilling movie.


HARMAN remains committed to developing cutting-edge devices that enable a seamless and connected lifestyle. Explore the additional ways in which HARMAN and Samsung are redefining superior sound and transforming the way people experience the world around them here, and learn more about the Galaxy Home.