Today, mobile recording studios will appear on sidewalks in 700 cities in 120 countries, inviting communities to participate in a global musical experience.  With a continued passion for enabling musicians and bringing music to thousands of people around the world, HARMAN and the Make Music Alliance are collaborating for the 35th annual Make Music Day, an annual celebration to make music and appreciate its many powers from inspiring ideas and improving our health to unifying cultures. 

Bring out your best sounds to contribute, HARMAN is hosting pop-up Street Studios in five cities around the world: Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Bangalore, Munich and Budapest.  Five amazing local music producers – one in each city – will facilitate and emcee their local HARMAN Street Studio and celebrate the musical culture of their city.  Once the day’s recordings have been made, the producers will edit the audio into one-of-a-kind, local music tracks to be shared online and live during the “Street Studio Smackdown” in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on June 23. There, judges will vote on their favorite tracks, with the grand prize winner receiving a pair of AKG 414 XLII microphones, courtesy of HARMAN.

This year’s Make Music Day will surpass all previous milestones with people around the world reimagining their cities as stages, and using music to spread joy to their communities.

For more information on HARMAN’s Make Music Day Street Studios, click here.