Music has the ability to uplift, refresh, and redefine our lives. As Elton John once said, “Music has healing power,” so it’s no surprise that concert ticket sales in North America amounted to $8 billion in 2017. Not only does attending a musical performance decrease stress, but making the effort to attend a positive social gathering like a concert and enjoying great music with thousands of other fans makes one feel more connected to their communities -- and gain an opportunity to reflect on life.

Whether heading to the Kennedy Center to hear Kenny Chesney or lip-synching to Demi Lovato’s latest performance at Madison Square Garden, attending a concert is beneficial to an individual’s mind and body. With 70+ years of deep expertise in acoustic design, audio tuning and signal processing, live music is integral to HARMAN’s musical heritage.

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Featuring top performing technologies that work together to create highly scalable solutions, HARMAN’s brands bring the highest quality of audio, lighting, and automated controls to many legendary music venues across the globe. For instance, this year marked 20 years of partnership and collaboration with the world-renowned Kennedy Center, the nation’s premier performing arts and cultural center. The Kennedy Center houses nine world-class performance spaces, including four theaters, three concert stages, an opera house, and a concert hall. The establishment leverages HARMAN’s audio and lighting solutions to provide superior sound and lighting for each event. Every venue in the Kennedy Center features JBL Professional speakers, Crown amplifiers, dbx signal processing, Soundcraft or Studer consoles, AKG microphones, and Martin lighting.

HARMAN’s admirable audio and lighting solutions are powering concerts and live music festivals across different continents. Last year, Soundcheck, one of the Philippines’ top audio contractors, deployed a large-scale JBL Professional by HARMAN VTX Series system at In the Mix 2017, one of the largest music festivals in the Philippines. HARMAN’s JBL VTX Series line arrays and Crown I-Tech HD amplifiers powered stellar performances by 5 Seconds of Summer, DNCE, Two Door Cinema Club and more at the second annual festival at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila last year.

HARMAN takes pride in supplying our high quality audio and lighting solutions to an abundance of music venues globally to help enhance the live music experience for concertgoers. Enjoying live music improves one’s mental outlook and longevity. So as we get closer to Make Music Day, HARMAN urges consumers to go listen to their favorite band or singer perform in the near future – to feel a sense of community that helps one to introspect on life.

On June 21, HARMAN returns as the official sound partner of Make Music Day’s Street Studio Cities. These Street Studio Cities bring world-class DJs and producers onto the streets for Make Music Day, setting up their mobile recording studios in front of art galleries, on downtown plazas, and in parks. Stay tuned to our blog this month as HARMAN celebrates the sound of innovation.