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In 2020, ‘going to school’ looked a bit difference for grades K-12, all the way through higher education. To combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, schools pivoted to online learning to keep students, teachers, and administrators safe and healthy. Now, the education sector is in the midst of a substantive remodeling exercise that has accelerated with the pandemic. Technology is becoming essential in education and adopting the right solutions is fundamental to this ongoing and impending transformation.

As schools around the world continue to transition to online and hybrid education models, the need for quality recording and webcasts to support remote learning and ongoing communications with teachers and students is on the rise. With HARMAN Media Suite, our all-in-one, end-to-end enterprise video solution, the HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions (DTS) team is making it easier than ever before, to create, share and stream live webcasts or recorded video assets. The HARMAN Media Suite is supporting remote leaning through four key pillars:

  • Embracing the new normal of education – With two-thirds of universities expected to deliver up to 50% of classes remotely and close to half of K-12 schools to deliver more than 25% of classes remotely, online learning is here to stay.
  • Cloud-ready solutions to stay ahead – Educational institutions are rapidly transitioning to a cloud-first approach for both storage and collaboration tools; video lectures, student assignments and assessments, and administrative data are now stored on public and private clouds.
  • Integrated digital platforms for seamless collaborations – Video conferencing has become the fundamental means of teaching, however, other enabling tools such as video management platforms and learning management systems are becoming central to the teachers role.
  • A student experience powered by AI & Analytics – K-12 and universities are in the process of implementing learning analytics solutions to extensively improve learning effectiveness through more personalized content and interactive forums.
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But identifying and implementing a solution to help support the transition to remote learning that doesn’t require employees to be an expert in video production can be challenging. With the HARMAN Media Suite, anyone can create, share, and stream high-impact videos seamlessly. It’s a unified application that effortlessly streamlines educational workflows, simplifies the teaching of complex concepts, and addresses the core needs of teachers, administrators, and students.

Teachers can easily record and upload lectures, create live sessions, and set up one-on-one feedback sessions, while students are able to log-in to immersive online classrooms, view recorded sessions on-demand, initiate peer-to-peer sessions, and more.  The HARMAN Media Suite offerings can also be tailored to fit any educational need:

  • Learning Management Systems Integration allows teachers to manage recorded lectures, play classroom videos, and integrate with an LTI-compliant LMS, all on one secure, searchable platform.
  • Advanced Analytics help teachers track learner progress, assignment completion, and team collaboration with customized dashboards.
  • Mobile App Enablement enables videos to be created, shared, uploaded, and viewed on-the-go using iOS and Android-based mobile devices. The HARMAN Media Suite is also designed for Any Device Access – desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobilesso that no student is ever left out.
  • Dynamic Workflows improve efficiency, capture every ounce of classroom data, and build collaborative teaching experiences while tracking the productivity of every student and educator.
  • Designed for both individual teaching engagements and massive classrooms, Scalability enables content delivery to over 50 locations or 50,000 concurrent users.
  • Educators can also take advantage of the latest technology by enabling easy Integration with Cloud Platforms like MS Teams and Zoom.
  • With Third-party CDN Support, content can be created and delivered over popular networks like Akami, Edgecast, and Wowza to expand the reach of every video.
  • Our team offers several Deployment Possibilities – from on-premise, cloud, centralized, or via geographically distributed clusters.


With the HARMAN Media Suits, our teams are empowering educators and students on a global scale. Our school systems were not facing these challenges alone; businesses across every industry faced unprecedented roadblocks this year as they hurried to adopt new digital technologies and remote-work policies. It’s becoming clearer that many of these changes are here to stay. To learn more about how HARMAN’s Digital Transformation Solutions can help you succeed on your digital journey and download our full report, visit: