HARMAN participated at IBM’s World of Watson event in Las Vegas to announce how we are integrating the cognitive technology capabilities of IBM Watson with HARMAN’s powerful enterprise IOT solutions.

Drawing on our extensive enterprise IOT solutions, HARMAN is providing the “central nervous system” to the IBM Watson “brain” for more intuitive, connected experiences in  healthcare, hospitality and corporate settings. The result: voice enabled cognitive rooms by HARMAN.

Mohit Parasher, executive vice president and president, Professional Solutions at HARMAN, participated on stage to discuss how HARMAN and IBM successfully tested a prototype voice-activated JBL speaker solution at  Thomson Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia that allows patients to control their environment directly and answer questions with the goal of improving patient experiences and care. 

Eighty percent of physicians describe themselves as overextended or at capacity. Meanwhile, visits to the hospital can be stressful, anxiety filled and even frustrating for patients. With voice-enabled cognitive rooms by HARMAN, patients will be able to operate lights, window blinds, obtain background information on their physician and request information such as when a meal will be served or visitation hours, as well as request specific actions such as “play waterfall music” or adjust the room temperature.  Patients can even request alerts to remind them to stretch and walk around every few hours. This level of connected, personalized care helps make a patient's hospital stay more comfortable and relaxed while reducing the non-medical workload of healthcare staff by up to 10 percent.

We are also taking our partnership with IBM into the corporate setting and the hospitality industry by developing ways for Watson’s cognitive computing abilities to sync with our professional solutions for an incredibly intuitive and personalized experience in hotel and conference rooms that differentiates brands and unlocks opportunities to reach new customers and deepen relationships with existing customers.

A “brain” like IBM’s Watson cognitive solution requires a powerful, integrated platform like HARMAN’s to have an impact.  We’re thrilled to help unlock the potential for smart, seamless connected experiences in healthcare, hospitality and other industries through our renowned IOT enterprise solutions and premium audio technologies.