HARMAN has long held the leadership of the in-vehicle experience space, and our audio innovations have been instrumental in acquiring and maintaining that position. Pioneered by our strength in audio technologies across consumer, professional and automotive markets, we at HARMAN know that the in-vehicle listening experience is something no driver or passenger takes for granted. HARMAN’s decades of audio innovation and intelligence continue to bring consumers together through technologies that enhance every experience, traveling all the way back to 1953, when HARMAN gave the world the first dynamic cardioid microphone and the first FM tuner, and in 1958 the world’s first stereo receiver. After understanding and demonstrating the power and impact of audio and radio innovations, HARMAN brought this unique experience, technology and expertise into the car when in 1984, HARMAN brought these pioneering advancements together as we engineered the first OEM-branded car audio system.

Informed by many of our efforts in developing radio and audio technologies for consumer and professional markets, we expanded strategically into the car audio space and have assumed a leadership position by constantly keeping ahead of consumer expectations and trends. From connected audio technologies to music personalization opportunities, this National Radio Day, we thought we’d revisit and remember just a few of the many ways HARMAN is leading the charge with car audio solutions to create unforgettable consumer experiences at automotive grade.

Taking Radio Tech Learnings to Deliver Car Audio Innovation & Personalization

Earlier this year at HARMAN EXPLORE 2022, we debuted two connected acoustic solutions to elevate the in-vehicle experience. HARMAN Ready Together and HARMAN Ready Tune (previously HARMAN Software Enabled Branded Audio) each offer futuristic advantages for drivers and passengers -- today.

  • Ready Together uses advanced acoustic technology to streamline and enhance in-vehicle communication and entertainment. It allows the entire family to be safely connected while enjoying shared or personalized entertainment in the vehicle. With features like voice prompts, alerts, music and media working in tandem as an integrated whole, drivers and passengers can engage in seamless communication. Ready Together also uses advanced sound zone technology so that each occupant can enjoy their own media, while also allowing shared experiences and conversation, providing a sense of harmony for any trip.
  • Ready Tune is an on-demand software platform that upgrades the sound quality and feature set of existing unbranded car audio systems with the touch of a button. The solution offers consumers a user-friendly way to elevate their unbranded in-cabin audio systems to deliver the sound and character of HARMAN’s renowned Infinity brand on-demand and with no additional hardware required. For the first time, an existing unbranded base car audio system can be instantly upgraded to a high-quality HARMAN branded audio experience.

Based on HARMAN’s extensive research and feedback from consumers around the world, we know that consumers are looking for new ways to improve time in the car, including advanced connection and communication, next-level personalization, and accessible high-quality listening experiences. As the in-vehicle entertainment and audio segment continues to evolve, HARMAN is focused as much on the needs of everyday drivers and their families, as on those of audiophiles. To learn more about how HARMAN is driving the in-vehicle audio experience into the future, today, visit: car.harman.com