Today, software-driven recalls account for 15% of vehicle recalls at an average per-service event cost of $100.00. But consumers are increasingly looking for convenient updates they get on their consumer electronics. They don’t have to visit a store to get a firmware update on their phone so they have begun to expect the same convenience for their cars. Thanks to the advent of Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates, automakers now can provide quick and seamless updates without needing physical access to a vehicle.

As the only commercially deployed offering in the market, HARMAN’s OTA solutions reduce the need for recalls by remotely addressing system malfunctions and security threats. OEMs can also leverage our OTA solutions to decrease time-to-market by updating software while the vehicle is still on the production line. In addition, OTA can reduce system failures by monitoring and preventing network problems and cybersecurity attacks.

Today more than 25 million vehicles on the road are being updated using HARMAN’s OTA solutions and more than 100 million connected cars will soon be implementing HARMAN’s OTA technology.

Overall, premium OTA software solutions improve the development process for cars and enhance driver experiences by enabling new features and functions post-purchase that are simple and safe.

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