Nostalgia is one of the strongest indicators of a well-delivered experience. Within JBL’s 75 storied years of superior audio experiences, we look to the iconic JBL 4310, which became one of the most well-known products in the JBL Professional catalog after the highly-successful JBL 4320 Studio Monitors’ reign in the 1960s. By the mid-‘70s, the JBL 4310 was a staple in the American recording industry. Having taken the professional audio world by storm, the JBL 4310 was transformed for consumers as the now-beloved JBL L100, debuting at the 1970 Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago. The rest was history: as the JBL L100 fast became the best-selling loudspeaker of that decade and has since remained a renowned industry favorite.  

When we recently celebrated JBL’s 75th anniversary, it only seemed right to use the opportunity to create that nostalgia for the early days of the brand. HARMAN did just that with the new, limited edition JBL 75th anniversary collection, which features products that will transport you back to the ‘70s with their vintage look and feel, and promise to usher in a never-before-experienced quality of sound with the technology packed inside.

JBL L100 Classic 75 CES Release Render

Seventy-five years after JBL’s founding and 51 years after the introduction of JBL’s iconic L100 Century loudspeakers, the two seminal events were celebrated and commemorated at our first-ever HARMAN EXPLORE virtual event, where we launched the limited edition JBL L100 Classic 75.

loudspeakers. This exclusive take on the legendary, best-selling JBL L100 loudspeaker pair features the same iconic 1970s-style retro design as the original JBL L100 Classic with vintage JBL styling, including an iconic black Quadrex foam grille and exquisite teak wood veneer cabinets.

“We have seen tremendous success with the latest L100 Classic model that we introduced in the fall of 2018,” said Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, Luxury Audio, HARMAN. “We thought there was no better way to honor the 75th anniversary of the JBL brand than with a limited edition version of what is perhaps our most iconic loudspeaker of all time. This one-of-a-kind loudspeaker is destined to become a highly sought-after model by music lovers around the world.”

red dot snipped

Retro-chic nostalgia shines in the JBL SA750, as well. Also unveiled at HARMAN EXPLORE, this integrated amplifier features an aluminum face panel with luxurious volume, balance and input dials, as well as hefty switches for power, mute, direct, MC/MM phono and Dirac Live room calibration. The look is completed with classic teak-wood veneer side panels to match the new anniversary edition JBL L100 Classic 75 loudspeakers. The ‘70s aesthetic contrasts nicely with the industry-leading, cutting-edge audio technology inside. “It’s the best of both worlds — past and present — and is already generating considerable excitement among audiophiles and enthusiasts to whom we’ve previewed it,” Garrett said.

JBL Synthesis SCL-1 _ SSW-1 Group for Press Release

In addition to the 75th anniversary products JBL announced at HARMAN EXPLORE, the renowned JBL Synthesis line of luxury subwoofers and speakers grew even bigger, with the launch of our new JBL Synthesis SCL-5 and SCL-8 in-ceiling loudspeakers, JBL Synthesis SCL-6 and SCL-7 in-wall loudspeakers, and SCL-1 loudspeaker and SSW-1 subwoofer. These products are all designed to deliver immersive audio experiences and powerful acoustic performance to consumers’ homes. Designed to pair with all JBL Synthesis electronics, this new and expanded line of products allows dealers to offer a more attainable, complete portfolio for multi-purpose rooms, media rooms and smaller-scale home theaters. Speaking of these latest products, Garrett said, “our revolutionary Synthesis Custom Loudspeaker range has set the bar for performance expectations in multichannel immersive audio systems and we are beyond excited to be expanding that series to new heights with these flagship models.”

JBL Synthesis SCL-5-6-7-8 CES Press Release Render

As JBL forges ahead into decades’ worth of new innovations, one thing sentiment remains: JBL’s prominence in the audio space will be nearly impossible to beat. Over the last 75 years, JBL has become an icon of audio innovation by way of its unique and storied history with artists, producers and audio engineers to create exceptional listening experiences for consumers around the world. The depth and scale of JBL's innovations and acoustic design is unmatched. With more patents, awards and iconic deployments, JBL continues to be a force of innovation wherever sound matters. We look forward to providing consumers with sound experiences they won’t soon forget. Cheers, JBL family, to 75+ more years of success!