A leader in developing connected technologies that create and streamline consumer experiences, HARMAN is focused on creating solutions that have significant applications in the health and wellness space. Around the world, HARMAN is helping healthcare providers by delivering new technologies that can improve the way we experience healthcare.


We recently announced further advancements in our health-related offerings, which included the development of two new health solutions – AccuAlertMe, a unique solution to help companies, employees and visitors navigate the risks of COVID-19 as regions across the globe begin reopening, and HARMAN’s Remote Care Platform (RCP), which enables doctors and healthcare professionals to securely access patient health data by connecting to a wide array of medical and non-medical devices outside the clinical setting – and provide a superior quality of patient care.

These developments build onto past advances, such as HARMAN’s global partnership with Roche to combine HARMAN’s extensive technology and audio experience to create innovative therapies that help individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). These new and emerging health solutions are setup to help consumers better connect and improve their day-to-day lives and overall well-being.

The Doctor is Ready for You Now!

To ease the burden for health providers and patients, HARMAN has engineered a new solution that will allow doctors to holistically and remotely monitor care for their patients.

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By connecting securely to a wide range of medical/non-medical and wearable devices, and complete EHR/EMR integration, doctors can now remotely access real-time patient health data through HARMAN’s Remote Care Platform (RCP). This comprehensive platform will allow patients to meet with their doctors outside of the clinical environment, allowing for more patient comfort during check-ups. In addition, patients can promptly receive answers to simple questions on managing symptoms, nutritional recommendations, as well as have exercise and medication reminders. HARMAN RCP can help doctors and care practitioners provide personalized care, especially for individuals who are navigating their Aging-with-Independence needs, post-operative care or chronic disease management.

Other unique features include our integrated IP offerings around: HARMAN’s healthcare voice assistant for doctors, nurses, caregivers and patients using HARMAN eNOVA, a voice AI platform which can be custom trained for high conversation accuracy, while skill libraries for healthcare provide a faster time to market. Alongside, HARMAN Media Suite, our Video AI platform can provide curated and relevant video content and training for patients to manage their health better!

‘Safe Return to Work’ Enablement


Built by HARMAN’s Digital Transformation Solutions business unit, AccuAlertMe’s central focus is on employee safety as the platform offers a secure and holistic framework for companies welcome their workforce and visitors back to their premises. First implemented by HARMAN in its own offices in India, AccuAlertMe provides options for automated contact tracing up to three levels – direct, indirect and contacts of indirect contacts. It captures details like the duration of contact, which helps assess the risk level with accuracy.

AccuAlertMe helps businesses and employers to promote social-distancing behaviors among employees and visitors, utilizing first-of-its-kind features that provide real-time alerts and asks users to follow appropriate safety guidelines. Data privacy is of utmost concern to HARMAN, so AccuAlertMe does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like an individual’s name or contact details. Built on fundamentals that are aimed to bring robust privacy, access and retention controls, the platform ensures that only company administrators can access the necessary data.

Global Healthcare Partnerships

HARMAN has been in close collaboration with companies that are passionate about expanding their role and leadership in areas like health services and public health. HARMAN recently also started a partnership with multinational healthcare pioneer Roche, to develop a digital therapeutic platform for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Roche’s digital therapeutic platform leverages HARMAN’s expertise in consumer, healthcare, audio and visual products to immerse and individualize user experiences. Bringing to market the consumer technologies that are tailored to the Personalized Healthcare industry, HARMAN and Roche are committed to help individuals working through a broad range of social, communication and verbal challenges.

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HARMAN is advancing its footprint in developing healthcare innovations for businesses, healthcare providers and patients through solutions like RCP and AccuAlertMe, in addition to partnerships with global healthcare leaders like Roche. Through these diverse offerings, HARMAN strives to present users with a new way to connect with consumers and provide access to personalized care options that deliver high performance, connectivity, data and device manageability, and security. A pioneer in creating a powerful, connected and digital lifestyle, HARMAN recognizes that today’s consumers seek cutting-edge health and wellness applications, and is dedicated to creating innovations that provide superior quality of care for all.