Today’s consumers hold high expectations for their vehicles -- drivers and passengers alike expect their journeys to be fun, frictionless and efficient, but most of all, they want them to be safe. Thanks to advanced Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technologies automobiles themselves are helping make our roads safer in both routine and urgent traffic situations. But modern cars receive thousands of data sets per second that must be processed in real time for the ADAS systems to properly execute blind spot warnings, monitor traffic, help avoid collisions, and more. Only the power of telematics and 5G networks can help automakers take advantage of these safety and user experience opportunities.

Telematics is one of the fastest moving trends within the auto industry, constantly evolving and advancing tomorrow’s mobility experiences. At HARMAN, we’ve focused on providing capabilities that support a growing set of safety and efficiency use cases, including the world’s first 5G-ready Telematics Control Unit (TCU), to meet these needs and create safe, connected cars. Our automotive technologies and solutions were bolstered even further with the recent announcement of HARMAN Savari, a suite of automotive solutions focused on V2X communications technology in 5G Edge and automotive devices. Now – and especially as 5G continues to unlock a new era of connectivity and personalization across the smart mobility ecosystem – HARMAN Savari will increase in-vehicle communications speed, external vehicle communication, and lower latency across the spectrum.


This combination of multi-access edge computing with comprehensive automotive telematics and ADAS capabilities will power an open automotive platform based on 5G and V2X to meet the unique needs of drivers today and in the future. With V2X sensor solutions and edge computing-based analytics for automotive and smart infrastructure, including Vehicle-to-Infrastructure, Vehicle-to-Phone for pedestrians and bicyclists, Vehicle-to-Vehicle, and Infrastructure-to-Phone, the HARMAN Savari technologies are strategically focused on advancing the future of connected infrastructure and realizing safer, more efficient transportation.

As an edge computing solution, Roadside Units (RSU) are especially important for enabling a truly connected infrastructure. By bridging the latency gap between today’s networks and 5G offered capabilities, RSUs enable real-time updates and communications between the connected cars, city and town infrastructure, as well as pedestrians and cyclists. HARMAN Savari RSUs include StreetWAVE, which produces Edge Networks to enable V2X services, ideal for city municipalities, government organizations, and telecom companies. Additionally, the MobiWAVE RSU combines existing telematics control units with V2X services that expand on the benefits of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and PedWAVE provides alerts for pedestrians via a specialized pedestrian app.

The HARMAN Savari technologies are accelerating the future of a safer, more connected world enabled by V2X. From  providing more advanced roadside units to working with key operators including Verizon and AT&T to build out solutions from the 5G multi-access edge compute, HARMAN Savari is increasing in-vehicle communications speed, external vehicle communication, and lower latency across the spectrum.

At HARMAN, we’ve helped automakers enable a connected automotive experience through a dynamic portfolio of innovative technologies, including highly-integrated digital cockpit platforms, ADAS, cybersecurity solutions and more for decades. Now coupled with the power of V2X, we will continue to provide even more Experiences Per Mile that are focused on safety, convenience, and advanced driving assistance.