Summers are the best time of year, when we go for our annual vacations, plan outings and trips with family and friends and HARMAN is known to be elevating such experiences. This summer, we decided to delve into how our iconic brands are creating valuable experiences and beautiful memories for its consumers.

Amusement parks are amongst the first things that pop up on the list of summer activities. Wonderla Amusement Park in two of India’s leading cities – Bangalore and Hyderabad, is installed with HARMAN sound solutions at various stages of the park, from rides to BGM Systems. A Roller Coaster ride inside a tiny cave with HARMAN sound makes this ride worthwhile. Sound solutions inside the cave, has been designed to synchronize with the ride’s timing and visuals. Sound frequency is matched to the crazy tracks with sharp curves, steep climbs and dizzying drops. To make things more enjoyable and exciting, a 5D theatre experience with HARMAN’s 5.1 surround sound has been installed which offers an immersive sound experience of the 5D films. In this theatre, audio output has been designed based on the geometry of the auditorium and visuals of the film.

HARMAN also offered sound solutions to an acoustically challenging theme based environment at the Imagica Theme Park in Mumbai. The Soaring Ride, is a 3D experience which takes you on an India tour, from North to South and East to West through a video film. The visuals are projected on a screen, as wide as a theatre screen, and with every motion the landscape of all the four regions changes. The challenges for HARMAN were to meet the height-width requirements, secondly- because the screen is a reflective surface, sound transmission was becoming impossible and finally- maintaining localization of sound at every angle of the ride was quintessential. To meet these challenges, JBL’s Application Engineering (AE) series speakers are hung at regular intervals and at 40 feet height perfectly synchronized with the visuals. To combat the sound transmission challenge, sound absorption material has been strategically placed all over the theatre for good quality and high frequency audio output.

Our efficient team of sound engineers and designers worked with the architects at both the theme parks to create a suitable and cohesive  environment, the end result is a pure sensory experience and breathtaking vistas supported by incredible HARMAN sound. HARMAN has left no stone unturned to create this acoustical difference at the Wonderla and Imagica, it is definitely worth a visit!