In recent times -- especially during the past year -- the need for stunning innovation within the healthcare sector has become more pressing than ever before.  Every day, we at HARMAN are finding new and unprecedented ways to integrate the technologies of the future into the impactful healthcare solutions of today, helping medical professionals all over the world deliver better quality of patient experience. As the HARMAN Digital Transformation Services (DTS) team continues to play a major role in this effort,  they wanted to engage with strategic partners across the biomedical ecosystem and discuss some of the foremost digital technologies that are driving the future of healthcare.


HARMAN DTS teams in Russia recently gathered with some of our strongest industry partners, including Roland Berger, Philips, Siemens Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Medtronic, Bayer and Sandoz discussed some of the most fascinating topics in healthcare over breakfast, including trends in the development of IT in healthcare, new and groundbreaking solutions for telehealth and telemedicine, the development of software for patient care that takes precautions to protect sensitive patient data, connected solutions for training and consulting prospects for the development of medical IoT solutions, and the role of Big Data in healthcare.

With its expertise in connected technologies that focus on customer experiences, HARMAN offers a wide portfolio of solutions in each of the aforementioned categories and we’re excited to continue to harness these innovations to accelerate the future of connected, personalized and secure healthcare for all. As we begin to move into a new year with a renewed sense of focus on the business sectors that drive us to innovate to our fullest potential, we’re excited to pay increased attention to the thriving connected healthcare space.

"The [COVID-19] pandemic has made the digital healthcare market one of the most dynamic and relevant, and we must use all our experience and expertise to help people, treat and prevent diseases," commented Boris Tarasulla, Managing Director of the Harman DTS office in Nizhny Novgorod.

According to SMEs at renowned global consulting agency Roland Berger, digital healthcare is growing all over the world. Consumer


trends indicate that such growth will only accelerate in the coming years. In fact, by 2025, 12% of all healthcare spending will be on digital products and services, including an uptick in the purchase of wearable, connected medical devices almost three-fold. Artificial intelligence will allow for increased personalization in medicine.

Numerous options for using digital solutions in healthcare are mainly determined by platforms, and the future landscape of the market will be determined by their development strategies. According to expert projections, a positive, user-friendly experience for patients and administrators will be critical to the success of such platforms. Trust in the platform and a belief that using such a platform will boast added health benefits are also essential. Market leaders, like HARMAN DTS and others, will work these principles into their applications and seamlessly link them with offline experiences.

As the future of connected healthcare grows to become more prominent and advanced, we at HARMAN and our DTS teams are excited to grow with it. Through end-to-end solutions, customized digital offerings, and bespoke product engineering services, HARMAN DTS is taking technology beyond its superficial advancements to make life more seamless, enriched and efficient. To learn more, please visit