The desire to get things ‘my way’ is innately human. From suggested playlists on Spotify to personalized recommendations on Netflix, consumers love it when things are tailored to their own preferences.

The concept of personalization isn’t new but the convergence of several megatrends; namely streaming services, connectivity, shared mobility, artificial intelligence and autonomous driving are intensifying the heightened demand for personalization in our daily lives. To meet consumers’ growing need for seamless connectivity and personalization across all devices, HARMAN leveraged its unique blend of expertise in connectivity, cloud and premium audio to develop Personi-Fi, our intelligent cloud-based audio platform that allows consumers to take their customized, personal listening profile with them wherever they go.


Imagine you were able to create and access a listening experience designed exactly to your preferences on any device and in every environment? This is now possible through HARMAN’s Personi-Fi technology, the world’s first personal audio platform which can be used across multiple devices, including headphones, home audio smart speakers, and your car.


Announced for the first time at CES 2019, Personi-Fi captures a user’s personal sound preferences and hearing needs, including how they listen, the music they enjoy the most, and the environments where they like to listen.  These preferences are then stored in the cloud. Personi-Fi leverages specialized signal processing to deliver a sound environment custom tailored to reflect the user’s listening preferences and unique hearing needs. Preferences are automatically applied and optimized for all audio sources, including AM/FM, Satellite Radio, CD, USB and streaming apps. In addition to improved acoustic performance, Personi-Fi works seamlessly with other HARMAN technologies like Virtual Venues and Stereo Widening for even greater personalization possibilities..


On smart phones, Personi-Fi downloads user preferences from the cloud to the smart phone companion app. The app acts as a bridge between the cloud and the device, as well as a processing engine for Personi-Fi’s algorithms. The processed content is eventually streamed to the Bluetooth device.

In case of WiFi-enabled smart devices, Personi-Fi downloads preferences for each user and their associated devices directly to the end device. The Companion App acts as a remote control and microphone for room EQ processing. The smart device then performs all Personi-Fi processing functions such as listener preference EQ, stereo widening, and room EQ.

On the road, the technology creates in-vehicle sound environments that are customized enjoy every listener. Users access Personi-Fi through their vehicle head unit and can input data about their listening preferences and hearing needs (for example, their age, if they love thumping bass, and that they enjoy jazz) and Personi-Fi creates a profile that can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle. With all the processing done in the cloud, users can select either Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or LTE streaming to connect their profile to the car.

From superior connected car technologies to trailblazing audio systems, HARMAN remains tightly focused on engineering technology that fuels a connected, personalized lifestyle. By leveraging the cloud, HARMAN’s Personi-Fi is empowering all music lovers to listen exactly the way they want – and need – to enjoy their music. Now ask yourself, are you ready to design your own personal audio platform that is as portable as your playlist?