It’s the best of both worlds – matching the thrill of the open road on two wheels with the ultimate in convenience, connectivity and entertainment at your fingertips. HARMAN is pleased to work with Yamaha to help perfect this blend with the introduction of the all-new Star Venture trans-continental touring motorcycle featuring HARMAN infotainment.

Built exclusively for the North American market, the bike will feature HARMAN infotainment and navigation technologies to create a true grand-touring motorcycle suitable for the 21st century. Designed with a focus on functionality, industrial design and UI, the infotainment system features a high resolution seven-inch touch screen display mounted in the cockpit of the bike. Keeping the riders’ safety a top priority, controls are located on the Star Venture’s handles, or the system can be activated by voice command using integrated headphones. The HARMAN-equipped motorcycle also features a two-zone audio system so driver and passenger can listen to what they want through separate audio speakers via wireless Bluetooth® connectivity. The system also runs data such as trip computer functions and tire pressure onto the cockpit display to make long-distance trips easier to manage.

HARMAN’s infotainment and navigation solutions have always placed driver safety and convenience first, and that should be no different when the wheel count is cut in half. With HARMAN’s exclusive system, Yamaha Star Venture riders will be able to spend days cruising the country without distraction, making their connection to the road and overall experience even more special.

This deployment signifies the first-ever HARMAN infotainment system to be fitted to a Japanese motorcycle OEM. From our long-standing partnership with Harley-Davidson, we’re no strangers to bringing infotainment to two-wheeled riders, having developed the American motorcycle manufacturer’s Premium Boom!™ Box system that houses audio, navigation and connectivity all in one, crystal clear LCD screen.   

The HARMAN-equipped Yamaha Star Venture will available for purchase exclusively in North America in August 2017.