KFAR SABA, ISRAEL – HARMAN International Industries (NYSE: HAR), the premier connected technologies company for the automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, has been awarded a bilateral government funded project aimed to improve cyber security features in future vehicles. The cooperation will bring together expertise from the two countries with HARMAN’s cybersecurity specialists in Israel working closely with engineers from a leading vehicle manufacturer.

“Connectivity is becoming an increasingly important part of the driving experience and manufacturers are more aware of the need to secure our vehicles in much the same way as we do with our other electronic devices,” said Mr. Avi Hasson, Chief Scientist of the Israeli ministry of Economy. “The project will accelerate the deployment of innovative solutions in the area of vehicle detection and mitigation.”

Since 2012, HARMAN has made significant and ongoing investments in Israeli cyber security technology, including the acquisitions of iOnRoad, Redbend and TowerSec, which formed two R&D centers employing hundreds of people.

“HARMAN’s investments highlight the company’s commitment to cyber security in the vehicle and feed into HARMAN’s connected car offerings which include Navigation, Multimedia, Connectivity, Telematics, Sound Management and Safety & Security Solutions,” said Henry Tirri, Chief Technology Officer, HARMAN. “Israel plays an important role in our automotive and software development strategy, both as a source of talented engineers and as an incubator for advanced technologies.”