Digitally-compressed music is missing something real. Clari-Fi music restoration technology brings music back to life.

If you download, stream or play music on a digital device, your music is digitally-compressed. Compression can remove up to 90% of the audio details originally recorded in your favorite songs – so you’re left listening to a reduced version of the real thing. Clari-Fi music restoration technology analyzes audio files in real time, rebuilds lost details, and restores high-fidelity to recapture the true sound of your audio track, instantly.

In today’s increasingly mobile world, music has essentially become data. Audio formats have morphed from vinyl LP’s, cassette tapes, and CD’s to today’s digitized files on iPods, USB sticks and smartphones. Streaming music and Satellite Radio continue this digitized takeover, and consumers today expect their favorite music to be with them wherever they go.

This maximum mobility is made possible by compression processes that render digitized music files smaller and, therefore, make them more portable. While compression technology is critical to ensure easy and seamless access to audio content via the cloud and on connected devices, this process fundamentally alters the music source to something other than what the artist had initially intended.

Clari-Fi leverages HARMAN’s decades of unmatched experience in music recording, signal processing and psychoacoustics to naturally restore the full, satisfying sound that is forfeited in the compression process. It is available now in HARMAN’s JBL Authentics Series wireless home entertainment sound systems (a CES 2014 Innovation Award winner). The HTC One® (M8) Harman Kardon® edition is the first smartphone on the market with Clari-Fi technology and is now available exclusively at Sprint.

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