CES 2016, LAS VEGAS –HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated (NYSE: HAR), the premier connected technologies company for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, today launched HARMAN’s Life-Enhancing Intelligent Vehicle Solution (LIVS) at CES 2016. With LIVS, HARMAN is bringing together previously discreet or separate connectivity and operational domains under a new, holistic automotive computing platform.  LIVS is the industry’s most complete end-to-end system to provide drivers intelligent, adaptable and personal solutions in the car. HARMAN LIVS will be demonstrated in the latest Rinspeed concept car – Ʃtos – at the HARMAN showcase at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino during CES 2016. 

“With more than 25 million automobiles on the road with HARMAN connected solutions, HARMAN leads the industry as an end-to-end system integrator for automakers and technology suppliers – under the hood, over the air and in the cabin,” said Phil Eyler, president, HARMAN Connected Car.  “We are demonstrating the future of driving and it is highly cohesive, personalized, intuitive and adaptive to drivers and passengers. The HARMAN LIVS automotive compute platform integrates all vehicle functions for a holistic and integrated approach to in-car electronics, connectivity and operations.”

The HARMAN LIVS technologies that sit at the heart of Ʃtos are helping to reimagine intelligent driving experiences. Within Ʃtos, HARMAN has delivered a suite of technologies encompassing infotainment, navigation and connected car solutions. These features are capable of learning and anticipating the preferences of vehicle passengers. Ʃtos passengers communicate with the system by voice, hand gestures, physical controls or touch and/or a combination of these technologies based on each passenger’s preferences. The interior adapts to the particular driving situation seamlessly.

With more than 2,000 patents in all key domains – including safety, design, navigation, connectivity, networking, HMI and more, HARMAN continues to push the boundaries bringing connected car innovations to market that improve driver safety, increase vehicle security and enable new connected experiences.  The latest HARMAN technologies form the essential elements for the LIVS platform and make the intelligent car possible:

  • Scalable compute platforms adapted individually to the needs of automakers and vehicle segments.

  • Modular connectivity solutions, providing high-speed networking interface for connectivity both inside and outside the car and can deliver connected services such as weather, parking and reservations.

  • State-of-the-art camera-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which monitor, record and assess the surroundings of the entire vehicle.

  • Intelligent learning navigation and high-resolution 3D maps for high-precision positioning systems including micro-city and micro-parking models; ADASIS horizon to extend drivers range of perception beyond their range of vision using V2X technology.

  • Personal component configuration in the car with multiple ultra-high resolution displays that can be used in varying configurations to support the best infotainment and entertainment intelligent use case scenarios; LIVS helps the Ʃtos raise the visual user experience to an unprecedented level with two curved, ultrahigh-resolution 4K 21.5-inch widescreen monitors and a central HD display that present relevant information to the driver and his or her copilots.

  • Complete office suite for autonomous vehicle mode, which affords the same level of productivity as a stationary office including one-touch video conferencing.

  • The comprehensive HARMAN 5+1 safety architecture with hypervisor and firewall as an indispensable basis for all technologies and services, including OTA (Over the Air) update capabilities, which helps to protect the connected car from outside threats such as hackers.

HARMAN’s LIVS technology is available for demo in the Rinspeed car located in the One HARMAN showcase at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino during CES 2016.