NORTH AMERICA INTERNATIONAL AUTO SHOW, Detroit – Pairing eco-friendly audio design with the growing consumer demand for electric, hybrid, and more environmentally-friendly automobiles, HARMAN (NYSE:HAR) is showcasing its GreenEdge™ and HALOsonic™ solutions during the North America International Auto Show this week in Detroit.

GreenEdge™ Audio Systems

HARMAN’s GreenEdge audio systems effectively reduce power consumption and heat generation while simultaneously offering superior sound quality. Perfect for the new breed of energy-conscious vehicles and their drivers, the new systems leverage state-of-the-art amplifier and speaker technologies that are more powerful, more compact, weigh less, and are more energy-efficient than conventional systems. By achieving the optimum combination of low power, low weight, high-efficiency amplifiers and speakers together with total system tuning, GreenEdge systems are able to deliver astounding efficiency gains. For instance, GreenEdge amplifiers outperform traditional amplifier efficiency by up to 55 percent – representing a net efficiency of more than 90 percent in many cases. At the same time, GreenEdge systems offer acoustic performance equal to or better than conventional systems, with great power output, audio dynamics, spatial imaging and the authentic reproduction HARMAN audio systems are known for.

“HARMAN GreenEdge systems meet the demands for automotive grade solutions that are small, cool, and lightweight yet tremendously powerful and efficient,” said Michael Mauser, Co-President of HARMAN Automotive Division. “Those same attributes translate well to the home, where products take up less space and generate less heat while still delivering audiophile-grade sound quality with significantly reduced power consumption.”

HARMAN GreenEdge audio solutions are production ready and have already been demonstrated in vehicles such as the Rinspeed iChange and UC concept cars, the high performance prototype electric sports car from German manufacturer Ruf, and the upcoming 2012 Lexus LFA sportscar.

HALOsonic™ Noise Management Solutions

HARMAN Automotive, together with Lotus Engineering, has developed pioneering acoustic technology perfect for the growing number of electric and hybrid vehicles models. To address concerns and impending legislation over the virtually silent – but potentially dangerous – mode of such cars, HALOsonic™ solutions generate authentic external engine sounds, making driving safer and more environmentally-friendly whilst enhancing the driving experience.

HALOsonic™ technology generates synthetic engine sounds which serve to warn pedestrians and cyclists that the hybrid or electric vehicle is approaching when running in almost silent mode, negating potentially hazardous situations as people fail to realize that the cars are in motion because there is no engine noise. While the population in general faces dangers in these situations, people at particular risk include the aged, the visually impaired, children and cyclists.

The synthesized engine noise is transmitted externally by means of high-efficiency, proprietary, all-weather speakers located in the car’s bumpers. The sound transducers focus the sound generated by HALOsonic™ systems in the direction of travel, away from other road users and bystanders.

Electronic sound synthesis is also used inside the car. HALOsonic™ systems can generate engine noises to give the driver familiar feedback relative to his speed: When he starts the motor or when waiting at traffic lights, the driver will hear the engine noise signaling that the car is in operation, while during a journey, the sound will create the impression of both speed and acceleration of the vehicle.

HALOsonic™ systems also give car manufacturers the ability to create a unique acoustic identity for their vehicles through the choice of a specific engine noise. The choice of customer-specific sounds ranges from the classic combustion engine to attractive, futuristic sounds and anything in between.

“In the car of the future, audio systems improve safety, enhance the driving experience and contribute towards a greener world,” said Sachin Lawande, Chief Technology Officer and Co-President, HARMAN Automotive Division. “Fortunately for our automotive customers and consumers, the future is here today with GreenEdge and HALOsonic solutions.”

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