GENEVA MOTOR SHOW 2015 – HARMAN, the premium global audio, visual, infotainment, and enterprise automation group (NYSE:HAR), is introducing its innovative and revolutionary Road Noise Cancellation (RNC) technology to the European market. Designed to eliminate unwanted noise induced in the cabin while driving over rough road surfaces, RNC improves the overall in-vehicle sound experience for driver and passengers alike to create a more comfortable and enjoyable cabin environment. During a live demonstration on the HARMAN booth at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, visitors can experience the impact of HARMAN’s Road Noise Cancellation technology.

RNC minimizes unwanted low frequency broadband noise that is transmitted from road surfaces into the vehicle cabin through tires, suspension, and vehicle body components. Based on the principle of "anti-noise", RNC uses accelerometers placed strategically along the path of noise transfer to provide a reference signal to generate an anti-noise sound wave that is output through the vehicle’s standard audio system, thereby creating a more quiet and comfortable cabin. Additionally, the technology enables OEMs to pursue measures to improve vehicle weight and handling without impacting interior noise levels. Moreover, RNC features HARMAN’s patented True Audio technology to ensure that in-cabin audio remains unaffected by noise cancellation.

RNC is part of the award-winning HALOsonic technology suite of active noise management solutions, which was developed to tackle the acoustic challenges within the unique automotive environment of traditional, electric and hybrid cars.

In addition to Road Noise Cancellation, HALOsonic offers Engine Order Cancellation (EOC) and Electronic Sound Synthesis (ESS). EOC uses active noise cancellation technology to reduce the drone and rumble induced by the engine in the car cabin. It uses the engine RPM signal as a reference to generate a sound wave that is opposite in phase to the engine-induced low frequency noise. ESS on the other hand enables automakers to engage in emission reduction measures like engine downsizing and cylinder shutdowns, by synthesizing the attenuated engine sound thereby restoring the manufacturer’s intended target engine sound. For hybrids and electric cars, the technology ensures pedestrian safety and adherence to governmental regulations. Inside the vehicle, ESS provides high-performance auditory feedback for smaller, more fuel-efficient engines, generating the exhilarating sounds desired by customers for an enhanced drive experience and reinforcing OEM brand DNA. HALOsonic in available now to OEMs, and can be implemented together or separately.

HARMAN’s HALOsonic technologies won the 2013 Innovation Award from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the 2014 Environmental Excellence in Transportation Award from the Society of Automotive Engineers.

HALOsonic joins HARMAN’s portfolio of leading automotive audio solutions including QuantumLogic Surround Sound, Individual Sound Zones technology and Clari-Fi music restoration software.

HARMAN at Geneva Motor Show 2015:

Visit HARMAN during the Geneva Motor Show 2015 at its joint booth 6240 with Rinspeed in hall 6 for a demonstration of HARMAN’s portfolio of infotainment and in-car audio solutions. Follow HARMAN online during the Geneva Motor Show 2015:


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