• Infotainment leader showcases automotive innovations at Europe’s leading consumer electronics show
  • Displays new portable navigation device that integrates into vehicle dashboard.
  • Booth location Hall 8.0, Stand D24 under the Radio Tower

IFA 2011 (Berlin) HARMAN, the premium global audio and infotainment group, is showcasing its competence in automotive applications at the IFA consumer electronics show, taking place in Berlin from September 2 - 7, 2011. Visitors to HARMAN’s booth will be able to experience the company’s latest audio and navigation capability thanks to a range of demonstration vehicles on display.

Reinforcing the company’s ability to provide appropriate technology whatever the vehicle platform size or target demographic, HARMAN will exhibit Harman Kardon® premium audio systems in MINI and Mercedes-Benz vehicles and the Mark Levinson® Reference system that is exclusively available in Lexus. Benefitting from HARMAN’s expertise and knowledge in all aspects of music recording and playback across domestic and professional applications, visitors can experience the purity and clarity of sound its engineers have diligently crafted.

MINI COOPER S with Harman Kardon audio: Truly integrated to optimize performance and efficiency, visitors to the booth can listen to the MINI’s Harman Kardon sound system. Every detail of the entire system is specially designed and acoustically tuned, with 10 high-performance speakers and a fully automatic AuraVox equalizing system providing thrilling listening pleasure for all passengers. The 480-watt DSP amplifier with Class D technology weighs only 1.3 kilograms, yet produces an enormously rich, detailed sound.

Mercedes Benz SLK and Harman Kardon audio: The Merdedes-Benz SLK comes equipped with a Harman Kardon system comprised of a high-performance DSP amplifier, with 500 watts of power output and ten optimally positioned speakers including midrange speakers featuring Alumaprene membranes developed by HARMAN. These high-performance membranes are made of a special polymer to achieve the perfect balance between stability and weight, providing excellent damping characteristics for a well controlled frequency response.

Becker MAP PILOT docking navigation system for Mercedes Benz: Underlining the fact that HARMAN is also a leader in infotainment and connectivity, including the growing need for seamless integration of portable consumer devices, it will also present the Becker® MAP PILOT navigation system. Available in the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and SLK, it blends the flexibility of portable navigation devices with the convenience of an integrated navigation system found in today’s luxury cars. Feature-rich and upgradeable, the data for the system is contained in a compact, tethered navigation “brain,” which can be easily removed from its docking cradle to update map data or upload the latest applications and feature sets. The unit seamlessly connects to the vehicle’s onboard radio and fixed-screen electronics via a tailor-made cradle conveniently and discreetly housed in the car’s glove compartment. The Becker® MAP PILOT is operated by means of conveniently-placed controls positioned on the car’s multifunctional steering wheel, the turn/push control, and integrated voice commands. This pioneering system will also be available in other Mercedes-Benz models in the future.

Lexus LS600h and Mark Levinson audio: The Mark Levinson Reference Surround System in the Lexus LS600h incorporates 19 speakers, 15 channels, 450 watts. The amplifier circuitry in the LS600h is discrete, utilizing individual transistors, capacitors and resistors. This technique provides a level of electrical and sonic performance not available from the integrated power circuits typically used in automotive audio systems. The neodymium magnet subwoofer is housed in an Integral Vehicle

Enclosure (IVE), enhancing performance without sacrificing trunk space.

With over 25 million HARMAN-equipped vehicles around the world, the company is a trusted partner to many of the leading car manufacturers, providing class leading products that enhance the driving experience. HARMAN’s ability to provide high efficiency and low power consumption devices and systems has led to it being specified on an increasing number of vehicles. With component weight and power management crucial to a vehicle’s range, HARMAN’s technologies offer real-world gains with no penalty in performance for the rising number of alternatively-powered cars. At IFA, a fleet of Mark Levinson-equipped hybrid Lexus LS600h vehicles will provide VIP transport for German TV station ARD.