CES 2016, LAS VEGAS – Today, HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated (NYSE:HAR), the premier connected technologies company for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, announced the newest version of Infinity® Reference Speakers and Amplifiers. The new line delivers Infinity’s signature sound combined with superior technology and a compact design, making them the premier choice for any vehicle.

With this speaker and amplifier pairing, Infinity continues to meet the needs of audio lovers who care about quality and value. The line features impressive technology, including edge-driven textile tweeters for smooth, clear highs. With oversized HARMAN patented Plus One™ woofer cones with their increased bass output and enhanced midrange performance. This technology is coupled with a design to fit most vehicles’ factory openings and the design is as cutting edge as their performance.                                                 

The new Infinity Reference amplifiers deliver pure, distortion free power from their compact chassis. Available in three models, 4-channel, 5-channel and mono, the amplifiers also incorporate HARMAN’s latest amplifier topology. With variable electronic crossovers and bass boost control for precision system tuning and both high- and low-level inputs, the amplifiers provide a smooth interface with virtually any system.  Plus they are compatible with several technologies - including many advanced driver assistance systems – as well as the HARMAN HALOsonic™, a suite of acoustic solutions that cancel road noise for better sounding music.

“Infinity Reference has been a volume front runner for over a decade,” said Jeffery Fay, VP and GM of Aftermarket Services at HARMAN. “This newest iteration takes all that we’ve learned over those years and adds the latest technology and design advancements for even better performance, sound and look for even more vehicles.”

Features and Pricing: 

  • Infinity Reference Speakers; comprised of eleven speaker options including both multi-element and component system configurations ranging from $69.95/pair to $199.95/pair

    • Edge-driven, textile tweeters play smooth at any output level.

    • Adjustable tweeter output level offer a tweet output level control of 0db or +3dB to optimize the system linearity based on installation location.

    • HARMAN’s patented PlusOne™ woofer cone architecture provides more overall speaker-cone area than other cones in its class for higher sensitivity, increased low frequency output and greater musical character.

    • Optimized Frame size that fits in just about any vehicle.


  • Infinity Reference Amplifiers; comprised of three amplifier options ranging from $199.95 - $299.95

    • Compact footprint – designed with a compact chassis and small footprint to ease installation even if available space is limited.

    • High and low level inputs allows integration with just about any car aftermarket or factory stereo.

    • Variable crossovers and bass boost circuit for fine-tuning of sound.

    • ADAS input with channel assignment can broadcast ADAS warning messages in many cars over a selectable channel.

    • HALOsonic mixing input for reference amplifiers works with HALOsonic systems to help reduce external noise for a better sonic experience.


For additional information visit www.infinity.com.