STAMFORD, CT – June 16, 2022 – HARMAN, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer, and enterprise markets, is honored that its Digital Transformation Solutions (DTS) business unit has been recognized as a leader in the ISG Provider Lens Study 2022 in EU.HARMAN DTS was recognized as a leader in Digital Engineering Services for Integrated Customer/ User Engagement and Experience and Design & Development (Product, Services, Experience)

“We are honored to receive such favorable recognitions from ISG in categories we value highly at HARMAN DTS” said David Owens, Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation Solutions at HARMAN. “These recognitions underscore our commitment to delivering Life-ware, a human-centric innovation approach that blends physical and digital solutions to ensure dynamic, meaningful solutions. We are proud to build better products for people by looking beyond the technology to focus on how a product will prioritize human needs and expectations to improve everyday experiences of the person who uses it.”

This new research study, which involves over 270 digital engineering technology and service providers, examines the rapidly evolving digital engineering services market, and how service providers embraced technologies like AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, IoT, 5G and other technologies to support their enterprise customers. 

“HARMAN DTS offers design expertise and experience in quality control of integrated software/hardware solutions,” said Ralf Steck, Lead Analyst, ISG Research. “With its internal design team, Huemen, HARMAN DTS offers UX/CX design expertise, especially in integrated solutions.”

HARMAN DTS received this recognition because of key differentiators including its intelligent, human-centric innovation process, its meticulous testing procedures, and its approach which blends hardware and software together seamlessly. 

More detail on HARMAN’s differentiators that earned this recognition are:

  • Thinking Hardware and Software Together: HARMAN DTS has extensive experience in industrial and user experience design, development, engineering, testing and production ramp-up of integrated products.
  • Intelligent Innovations: Analysts acknowledged that HARMAN DTS has leveraged machine learning and AI for more than 10 years to design compelling user interfaces with natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision. 
  • Testing as a Key to Quality: Importantly, ISG also recognized the extensive testing process from HARMAN DTS. In the area of human-machine interaction in particular, extensive testing is necessary to find logistical breaks and enable improvements.
  • Design-Led Approach: Huemen, HARMAN DTS delivers significant UX/CX design expertise, especially in integrated solutions. Combined, these acknowledgments demonstrate the strength, innovation, and vision for HARMAN DTS.

In addition, HARMAN DTS was recognized for its integrated customer/user engagement and design and development. This honor is attributed to HARMAN DTS’s unique life-ware approach and ability to blend the physical and digital to make technology more dynamic in order to serve ever-changing human needs through intelligent automation and automated and manual quality assurance.

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