Korea Office

Nostalgic for the days of preparing for the morning commute? The past several months have changed everyone’s routine as workers around the world convert their homes into makeshift offices. After months of lockdown, some of HARMAN’s offices around the world are slowly beginning to reopen and prepare for a new standard of safety. While there are many health and safety protocols that our offices are navigating in line with local and global policies, our teams are excited to setup our sites and welcome colleagues who haven’t been in the office physically for months. This is a crucial step for us as a company that is committed to supporting our customers globally and contributing to the revitalization of their worldwide operations and supply chain processes. As our teams experience the joys and benefits of physically working together, we wanted to highlight some of the many initiatives that have been spearheaded across HARMAN locations to ensure safety and employee health inside the office.

Safety and Health is Top of Mind for HARMAN Offices in Asia

Among the earliest to go back to the physical workspace, some of our teams in Korea have been back in the office since May. As part of new health standards, we’re ensuring all HARMAN Korea employees wear their face masks and coverings while in the office, maintaining a set policy to ensure our teams can work safely in an enclosed environment. HARMAN also makes sure new face masks are available and distributed every week to our colleagues.

Along with some of the critical preventative measures, our employees in the HARMAN Dandong office have to learn new health codes and procedures around the office. All employees there undergo a body temperature screening at the gate and in the workshop before starting their work while making sure a face mask is worn at all times. In Dandong, our teams will be undergoing increased training so we can maintain a level of comfort in the office.

Dandong Office

With some of our larger facilities like those in India, our HARMAN employees will be working hard to make sure every area is safe for our teams. Similar to the setup at our Dandong offices, HARMAN India has set up entry and exit check points for employees to take their temperature while keeping a social distance from others waiting to be checked. This social distance policy stretches to inside the office as well with employees sitting in the canteen area required to maintain social distancing along with a physical barrier for any individuals sitting nearby. At their workstations, a consistent cleaning schedule will be utilized so that the office equipment will be safe for use every day.

HARMAN Hungary Focuses on Worker Wellness

Shifting geographies, we turn to our Hungary office where our HARMAN teams are placing preventive measures, like those in our regional offices in Asia, at the forefront of their reopening strategy. Upon entering the office, individuals must have their temperature taken and wear a mask at all times when they’re in the office. Masks and protective gloves are provided on-site to ensure no one is left unprotected. Inside the office, employees will maintain a social distance between desk mates, all while keeping their protective masks on. The office itself will undergo a consistent cleaning schedule to ensure we’re meeting and exceeding necessary health and safety protocols. Lastly, the canteen area where our teams have lunch or take a quick break from their computers will have social distance markers to allow adequate space between individuals along with sanitation stations and strict rules in the canteen to avoid the spread of germs.

Mexico Office 3

HARMAN Mexico Goes All In on Safety

In our manufacturing locations in Mexico, HARMAN managers are taking extra steps to make sure all our employees feel comfortable and safe. Just as we’ve implemented across our regional offices in Asia, our HARMAN Mexico teams must take their temperature and be wearing a mask or face covering at all times. Additional preventative measures have been put in place like the installation of physical barriers to ensure social distance and intensive disinfection of the workspace and all the equipment in the office. There will also be a spot for workers to disinfect their footwear before entering the office. By maintaining this strict protocol, HARMAN will ensure our teams can stay safe and continue to do creative and meaningful work for our customers.

At a time when many of us may feel disconnected from the world, going back to work and returning to some semblance of normalcy can be a welcome change. There may not be a sudden shift to the way things were before COVID-19, but we will do everything all we can to keep the safety and health of our employees at the forefront. HARMAN is implementing all necessary safety procedures to ensure our colleagues are able to do their work in the most comfortable way and continue developing industry-leading innovations for our customers every day.

We’re looking forward to the day we can reopen all our HARMAN locations, but until that day, we hope that all of our readers stay safe. And to all our teams who have returned or are about to return to the office – welcome back!