Early career development is crucial. Just like building a house or a bridge – it is the foundational, early years of our career that sets a solid basis for what will come next.

Launched this July, HARMAN is proud of the implementation of our Leadership Experience Acceleration Program (LEAP), an exclusive early career rotation program designed for our future innovators and leaders. HARMAN knows that demonstrating true dedication to our employee’s growth across all levels will set the foundational basis the company needs to meet and succeed the ambitious goals our company strives for every day.

As a company that endeavors to uphold our renowned legacy, and leverage that base of knowledge and experience to create entirely new, technologically based experiences - from the connected car, to the connected city and beyond - we’re always on the lookout for exceptional talent to help us succeed as a team. We believe this process can be bolstered with the development of our LEAPers, who are HARMAN’s team members at the early stages of their careers in engineering and sales, and who have been specifically identified because they demonstrate HARMAN’s shared values of integrity, teamwork, respect, innovation and a focus on excellence.

The two-year program offers LEAPers opportunities to build a strong global network through leadership mentoring, innovative training activities, and global development seminars, in addition to hands on projects through challenging, strategic assignments. Starting this July, twenty-four LEAPers will begin the first of three, eight-month rotations, including one international rotation that all combines to give them exposure across multiple business units at HARMAN.

LEAPers will be given the opportunity to earn leadership opportunities, be asked for their opinions and creativity on crucial strategic items that will affect the entirety of the direction of HARMAN, and be tasked to try new responsibilities that fall far outside their comfort zones. After two-years, LEAPers will be equipped with the professional, technical, and institutional knowledge that will develop their potential for new, full-time roles and the opportunity to truly distinguish themselves within the company.

Just like our LEAPers, HARMAN is ambitious. As a bold company with a big vision for the coming years, we know that it will be the people leading, setting strategy, and executing every day that will bring that vision to life. We believe we will get there by innovating and executing together. No matter the position, everyone at HARMAN has meaningful responsibilities and are extraordinary in their contributions to hugely impactful goals our leadership has set for the company.

But, by the completion of their leadership acceleration program, we hope our LEAPers have absorbed every professional opportunity available to them, networked and learned from as many HARMAN employees as possible, reflected on our values and competencies, and perhaps most importantly, had fun while doing it!

If you’re a future leader who enjoys collaborating to bring diverse ideas to life, look to start a career full of brilliant opportunities by staying tuned to our LEAP opportunities: https://www.harman.com/leap