HARMAN continues to honor and thank all of the incredible Administrative Assistants who keep their executives and senior staff running at full capacity. Each and every day, our own Administrative Assistants’ hard work and love for HARMAN help all of us in our never-ending quest to build the most cutting-edge connected experiences. To keep our celebration of National Administrative Professionals’ Day going, we asked more of our supremely talented Executive Assistants to talk about their passion for their work, team and HARMAN as an organization:


Tracy Richcreek

As an Executive Assistant at Harman, I love that I’m able to use my skills and strengths to support the Leadership of the Car Audio SBU. It’s non-stop, with no two days being alike! In addition, I have the privilege of leading the Novi-Well Being program.  In the last 4 years, we have executed over 100 different events and programs such as Yoga, Meditation, Cardio Drumming, Fitness challenges, Diabetes and Breast Cancer Awareness, Sign Language Classes, Wellness Week, Harman Holiday parties and so much more!   Volunteering with this amazing team is not only personally rewarding, but it also allows me to bring health and well-being to our employees.

Trina Frick

Being an Executive Assistant is a journey, always changing and evolving, and one that has allowed me the opportunity to wear many hats. Over the last 7 years with Harman I have had the opportunity to work within three different divisions, interact with multiple countries and executive leaders, and assist many in exceling in their careers while broadening mine. I feel very privileged to being part of Harman’s World-class, Global Executive Assistant Team. Together, as one, we are there to lift up and support Harman’s staff and keep all the intrigue pieces from falling on the ground. It is very rewarding to watch all of the behind the scenes hard work and dedication come together.


Katherine Silva

I was honored to be hired at Harman after all the great reviews I’ve heard from my previous employer. And, it made my transition even easier being a part of the “Executive Admins in Novi” team. It allowed me to participate in multiple events to feel welcome and meet fellow Harman employees, such as the annual holiday event in December, the break for a beverage in the summer, the Halloween dress-up. The list goes on and it brings everyone together. Plus, it brings awareness to a local charity event as well which is incorporated into every event. I know it’s been hard due to COVID, but I’m sure when it’s safe we’ll be able to return for social events again.

Jennifer DeRyck

Working at HARMAN as an Executive Assistant offers me the opportunity to communicate to a wide variety of people globally which I enjoy, I also like working with other assistants to help make our busy executive’s lives easier and smoother. I have had the pleasure of supporting local and visiting senior executives in Novi, booking team events and dinners and helping to create successful workshops and activities. I enjoy the day-to-day work elements of my role and also the wider aspects of my job such as creating events, supporting visiting executives, juggling different work activities at any given time and being recognized as someone who can help and assist. I like that every day is different in my role and I appreciate being given opportunities to expand my horizons at HARMAN.

Kim Admin Day

Kim O'Malley

I love my role as an executive assistant at Harman and the people I work with!   I always think of it as an air traffic controller in that there are always changes and decisions that need to be made very quickly and also challenges each day but in the end it is so rewarding.   When I put together Make Music Day “Bring you Child to Work Day” in 2019 which was held in our Stamford office,  I must say it was the most rewarding and heart felt moment I have ever had in my career!

We at HARMAN are so proud of our Administrative Assistants’ commitments to our success as a global technology leader. Their dedication, hard work, entrepreneurial spirit and impeccable organization skills is what keeps us going, every day, every year and always. On behalf of everyone at HARMAN, our appreciation for you is ever-lasting. Thank you!