In today’s age, there is nothing more important than having safe and secure connections to the many technologies that power our digital lives. Recognizing some of the key challenges that will be brought about by full connectivity and mobility, HARMAN’s automotive cybersecurity teams are determined to develop solutions that deliver both ‘Protection per Mile’ and ‘Experiences per Mile.’ We caught up with HARMAN’s Oren Betzaleli, Senior Vice President & General Manager, and Asaf Atzmon, Vice President & General Manager, Automotive Cybersecurity, to get the latest on cybersecurity innovations that would power the latest technologies unveiled at CES 2020.

Q: What role does CES play in telling the HARMAN Cybersecurity, and broader software solution-based story? Thinking widely about our various software platforms including Cybersecurity, OTA (Over-The-Air updates) and Device Virtualization, why is this such a crucial event for the teams, and what do you hope our OEM clients, industry partners, journalists and the public come away with from our CES showcase in 2020, as it pertains to these technologies?

Oren Betzaleli: CES is growing to become the largest automotive trade show in the world. Executives from global vehicle manufacturers, government officials, industry organizations and others visit the annual HARMAN Exhibition at the Hard Rock Hotel to experience firsthand how current trends and the power of software are reshaping the vehicle as we know it. From in-vehicle ‘app stores’ and digital cockpits to 5G telematics, cloud platforms, sensors, cameras and HD Maps for semi-autonomous driving - everything this year is about putting people first, making our time in the car, time well spent. Showcasing our software prowess in delivering these experiences at CES is pivotal to our sales and marketing programs throughout the year. By presenting to our stakeholders, we get instant validation and feedback, schedule follow-up technical discussions and scope Proof of Concepts on their systems. Personally, I can’t wait to hear more from our customers about what they saw this year in HARMAN’s showcase at the largest automotive event in Vegas!

Q: This year at CES, HARMAN is again demonstrating our Experiences per Mile framework, bringing the modern, connected lifestyle, fully into the car. But these experiential, connected solutions require the utmost in automotive cybersecurity, so we’ve also integrated our cybersecurity software platforms directly into the rich experiences on that will be on display. Why is it so important to show these solutions as a part of the whole solution/experience?

Asaf Atzmon: The automotive industry is undergoing many disruptions in the last three years, all of which have cyber implications - from hyper-connectivity to multi-modal mobility services, to data monetization and electrification. Cybersecurity was always integrated into other HARMAN solutions, and this year’s CES is no different. We worked closely with other business units and particularly the automotive marketing team to identify how cybersecurity weaves-into the new HARMAN ExP theme and to consumer benefits, through the ‘Protection per Mile’ approach. Building on the Automotive Operation Center (AOC) concept we unveiled last year, this CES we presented the HARMAN Vehicle Security Operations Center (VSOC) as ‘the orchestrator’ for vehicular data streaming from multiple sources - the car, the cloud, passengers’ smartphones and 3rd party endpoint. By analyzing these data sources, VSOC monitors the cyber posture of connected vehicles, allows OEMs and mobility service provider to drive their digital expansion and mobility agenda while managing security risks in a way which will not hinder their growth.

At HARMAN, we are committed to delivering solutions that will better protect our valued customers. At CES 2020, we showcased what our Cybersecurity teams have in store this coming year for our key stakeholders. Check out our newsroomFacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn channels to see all the latest developments from HARMAN.