Consumers are constantly exploring new ways to connect to the world around them both in and outside of their vehicles. At HARMAN, enabling connected experiences is at the core of everything we do. That’s why we’re launching the Experiences Per Mile podcast.

The addition of the Experiences Per Mile podcast deepens HARMAN’s ongoing commitment to shifting the conversation from RPM to EPM. It wasn’t long ago that a vehicle’s value was measured by its mechanical performance and driving dynamics (RPM). However, with the emerging popularity of shared mobility and in-vehicle technology to meet personal needs, consumers today are seeking a better experience inside the vehicle. As a result, the measurement of value is now becoming Experiences Per Mile (EPM).

The Experiences Per Mile podcast is a program for automotive technology professionals and enthusiasts where we explore consumer-centric mobility experiences and discuss the technologies driving them. Hosted by Karen Piurkowski, Global Automotive Marketing Director for HARMAN International, the podcast connects listeners with subject matter experts who give their unique perspective on trending industry topics. During each episode, HARMAN will feature leading experts in the automotive industry and explore various trends around the experiences inside the vehicle.

Episodes streaming now feature the following experts on these topics:

  • Trailer Episode – Karen Piurkowski, Global Director of Marketing, Connected Automotive Marketing – Introducing Experiences Per Mile
  • Episode 01 – Steve Surhigh, VP & General Manager, Cloud Services, HCS: How will software empower a personalized experience for the customer?
  • Episode 02 – Aaron Thompson, Senior Director, ADAS BU, HCC: What new features will enable the in-vehicle experience of tomorrow?
  • Episode 03 – Oren Betzaleli, SVP & General Manager, Software Platforms SBU, HCS: Phone app or embedded system? How will you navigate your car in the future?
  • Episode 04 – Roger Jollis, Director, Telematics BU, HCC: How will 5G enable the next generation in-car experience?
  • Episode 05 – Chris Ludwig, VP, EPIC User Experiences, HLA: What are the newest technology trends for electric vehicles?

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The Experiences Per Mile podcast is streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and TuneIn.