Any time is a good time to put yourself on the path to better health. If you need a little extra motivation, this is a great time to get started! This past month marked the start of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, where companies, individuals and families are encouraged to make physical activity part of their daily routine. 

Our amazing employees are great about finding opportunities to get out and move. Last year, they participated in fitness related events at our locations around the world. The Great JBL Music Run in India brought together 400 of our colleagues there to run and rock out to music blasting from JBL speakers. At our corporate headquarters, employees came together to participate in the Corporate FunRun Fairfield County 5K to network, get some exercise and have fun.  

We recognize that the key to our success is our employees – when we invest in them, they invest in us. This is why we are committed to providing our U.S. employees and their families with confidential and comprehensive health management solutions through the Sound Living Health & Wellness Program.

Sound Living works by giving our employees opportunities to reduce their health care costs by earning incentive contributions for completing a variety of wellness activities. Below is a snapshot of the support provided by this program:

  • Sound Health Check: Comprehensive, online assessment to evaluate health status, identify risks and reveal areas for improvement.

  • Biometric Screenings: Onsite and offsite health screening exams to provide a convenient way to understand “health numbers” and the importance of personal health information. Employee participation rates have consistently increased in the past four years from 40% to 55%.

  • Healthy Lifestyle Advisor: Telephonic, personalized coaching by health professionals to guide goals related to weight management, nutrition, physical activity, stress management, tobacco cessation and other lifestyle-related topics.

  • Behavior Change Programs: Online, personalized programs covering a variety of health and wellness topics.

  • Care Management Program: Chronic condition management through the support of a registered nurse.

  • Health Challenges: Interactive activities that reinforce healthy behaviors related to fitness, stress management and nutrition.

  • Guidance Resources (EAP): Confidential counseling, concierge services and a variety of support resources and programs for guidance on family conflict, grief, physical abuse, legal questions, financial planning, child care, party planning and more.

  • Informed Health Line: 24/7 access to registered nurses who can answer questions on a variety of health topics.

  • Maternity Program: Guidance in making good decisions for a healthy pregnancy and preparing for the future.

As part of Sound Living, most of our U.S. locations have a HARMAN Wellness Site Champion who is an ambassador for the Sound Living team. They dedicate their time to assisting employees in learning about all the Sound Living programs and resources. They also plan events like breast cancer awareness and heart heath month, flu shots and biometric screenings on site. These are all for the convenience of our employees.

While National Physical Fitness and Sports Month just ended last month, we are still dedicated to keeping health and fitness at top of mind all year. June marks our company-wide celebration of HARMAN Global Fitness Week. From June 19 through June 24, some of our locations will share their tips for better fitness, hydration and offer local fitness classes and activities.

Whether it's National Physical Fitness and Sports Month or any other month, HARMAN is proud to support our employees on their health journey. We look forward to continuing our mission in encouraging employees to live a healthy and active lifestyle!