The talented people who work for HARMAN are the company’s most valuable assets. So we’re excited to share the news that HARMAN has been recognized as one of Germany’s top employers in the automotive sector in 2016 – for the fourth year in succession. The seal of quality, awarded by the independent Top Employers Institute to organizations that achieve excellence in employment practices, enables HARMAN to stand out worldwide as an employer of choice. In 2016, HARMAN has even managed to improve on the already fantastic ratings of last year, ranking in the top ten employers in the automotive sector in Germany on training & development, career & succession planning, talent strategy and innovation – all key aspects that the talented professionals we’re looking to recruit will factor into their career planning decisions. 

Headquartered in the Netherlands, the Top Employers Institute globally certifies excellence in the conditions that employers create for their people, and has recognized Top Employers around the world since 1991. The Top Employers Institute makes a thorough and tough audit of a range of factors, and rates performance scores against an international standard. Only employers that achieve the required level to qualify for certification can reap the benefits as a strong employer brand. The results were verified by Grant Thornton, one of the world’s leading auditing companies.  

This is a prestigious award – and it’s a matter of honor that HARMAN scores so well. The certification also testifies to our innovation leadership as a company. And of course, it’s a special source of pride that HARMAN ranks so highly as an employer in Germany’s automotive sector, one of the country’s largest employers as a whole, and certainly one of the most competitive and innovative automotive industries in the world. We thank all HARMAN employees that supported the audit and contributed to achieve this certification. 

The award was received for HARMAN by Markus Berndt at the ceremony on February 18th, 2016.