At HARMAN, we believe the future of the workplace is one where individuals can take time away from work to focus on their families and caregiving duties without sacrificing the ability to drive a successful career. Through our partnership with Path Forward, a nonprofit organization working with companies to create return-to-work programs, HARMAN wants to empower high-skilled individuals looking to re-enter the workforce after taking a career pause to focus on caregiving duties, and be a part of our global teams who are at the forefront of technological innovation.

We’re ecstatic to be the first employer in the Detroit area to offer a return-to-work program in collaboration with Path Forward. Together, we aspire to bring the spirit of revitalization to those who have been out of the workforce by building a bridge that brings them back to their careers. Participating professionals will have the opportunity to offer their unique perspectives and contributions on projects that help move our business forward, all while developing their skills in a culture that emphasizes continuous improvement.

Beginning on February 3, 2020, HARMAN’s North American Automotive Headquarters will offer its return-to-work program in our Novi, Michigan office. Return-to-work programs have become an increasingly popular way for women and men who have been out of the workforce to re-engage with their professional careers.

The program places an emphasis on learning and development, and the retraining of skills, such as software engineering, product development, finance data testing, and more. It will be open to individuals who have at least five years of professional experience and who took a career pause of at least two years for caregiving. In addition to dedicated professional development workshops, participants will have access to networking opportunities across the HARMAN and Path Forward communities. After completing the four-month program, qualified candidates will be considered for conversion to full-time opportunities at HARMAN.

Helping people restart their careers after caregiving is great for them and their families, tremendous for the economy, and a remarkable opportunity for HARMAN to tap highly-skilled, educated and motivated associates. Through the launch of our first return-to-work program, we hope that caregivers in the Detroit region no longer feel like their career highs are behind them. We believe their best years are yet to come.

As a company, we aspire to give everyone an equal level of opportunity by building networks and programs that promote talent diversity. We believe our partnership with Path Forward, and our business resource group which champions female talent, the HARMAN’s Women Network (HWN), will help accelerate our path to gender equality in the workplace. If you’re a professional looking to return to the workforce and join a global, collaborative team after taking a break for caregiving, visit our open roles and apply today. We look forward to challenging you to bring out your best!