At HARMAN, design is a way of life. From car to home audio and everywhere in between, our world-class engineers and designers constantly push the boundaries of excellence in terms of intuitive, intelligent, unique design. Keeping their focus firmly fixed on the user, they create products that seamlessly combine technical prowess and aesthetic appeal. With more than 360 awards across brands like JBL, Harman Kardon, Mark Levinson, and Infinity over the past seven years, HARMAN is proud to be the #1 award winner in the consumer audio category.

HARMAN’s design reputation is the fruit of decades of devotion to offering products and solutions that are perfectly in tune with users’ evolving needs.  

The key to this design magic is the user-centricity that is essential to HARMAN’s philosophy. While each brand has its own specific look and feel, the product design process always shares the same point of departure: the user. By connecting with the potential users of every product, assessing their exact needs and desires, conducting extensive user research, and integrating feedback, HARMAN keeps users front and center. This empathy-led approach sets HARMAN apart in the industry, and is largely responsible for the exceptional user experience for which our products are known.

JBL is at the forefront of providing users epic experiences and in the video below, Dario Distefano, Principal Industrial Designer, shares the story behind JBL’s latest generation of portable speakers featuring big bold colors, attitude and sound.