There’s no question that there’s an appetite for more technology inside vehicles, whether it’s for safety, entertainment or reinventing the way we spend time in our cars. However, most don’t realize that the latest crop of infotainment and connected car advancements are delivering value to entire industries. Take the fleet industry – which caters to businesses, government agencies and other organizations that purchase or lease groups of vehicles to support their services. In vehicle technology (IVT) has been shown to positively impact what’s referred to as the “residual value” of fleet vehicles – a critical consideration for purchasing and designing fleet policies.

This is why HARMAN executives will be at the Fleet Europe Forum and Awards on November 16 in beautiful Barcelona, Spain discussing one such particular study by AIC (part of Eurotax Glass) that highlights how HARMAN’s premium IVT adds tangible benefits to leasing professional. With half of vehicles registered in some European countries destined for fleets and leasing becoming more common than buying outright, it’s no wonder the EU industry is highly focused on controlling whole-life costs and maintaining value.

Let’s look at the BMW 3 Series, for instance. Estimates put together by AIC show that over 36 months the RV is up to 2.1 percent higher when fitted with HARMAN’s Navigation Professional system compared to the same vehicle with a non-HARMAN Business Navigation. A vehicle featuring such technology retains 81 percent of the original system price over a three-year period, while also providing fleet users with more features for their money.

There are other benefits too. Premium IVT tends to come with features that enhance safety, provide seamless connectivity, improve productivity and driving experiences, and that can focus the attention on running costs.


  • HARMAN’s powerful computing platform, Life-Enhancing Intelligent Vehicle Solution (LIVS) provides drivers with intelligent, adaptable and personal solutions.
  •  Showcased in concept car the Rinspeed Etos, the system provides an intelligent driving experience with features that are capable of learning and anticipating the preferences of vehicle passengers.

Productivity & Safety

  • In the Etos, LIVS was combined with Office 365 services to allow drivers to complete tasks without compromising safety, including scheduling meetings, hearing and responding to emails and automatically joining conference calls.

Running Cost

  • Real-time traffic updates allow users to plan and modify their routes smartly, reducing time spent in congestion. Cutting down on stop-start traffic reduces fuel usage and even cuts wear and tear on the drivetrain.
  • Over the air (OTA) updates enable fleet vehicles to stay up to date with the latest security features and functionality. HARMAN’s OTA technology future-proofs vehicles against new trends, further boosting those all-important residual values.

Its clear premium IVT can reap rewards, both in terms of added value and outright financial gain, and HARMAN is innovating with an eye to maximize the potential of connected car not just consumers, but the auto and peripheral industries at large. 

Visit HARMAN at the Fleet Europe Forum and Awards on Wednesday, November 16th at booth #15 or go to  for more details.