Music is fundamental to bringing meaning and excitement to human existence – we listen to it during times of celebration and sorrow, during life-changing events and when nothing is happening in our lives. It’s a universal language that fosters new connections and is interwoven through our memories and emotions. The answer to why we enjoy music so deeply might always remain a scientific mystery, but one thing is for sure – music truly makes our world go ‘round.

In honor of Make Music Day 2018, we asked some of our HARMAN brand ambassadors what attracted them to the music industry, what music means to them, and how it has shaped their lives.


“The power of music to stimulate our imagination and encourage our curiosity drew me to a life-long musical career. I started playing piano when I was only three years old, and performed for the first time at the age of five. It is also a driving force behind my commitment to children’s education. They are our future. Early introduction to music promotes creative thinking and helps them stay engaged in school.” – Lang Lang, world renowned concert pianist


“In my quest to explore new ideas and learn new ways, I hear songs and try to combine styles to create a unique listening experience every time. Composing music is like a passionate experiment; by layering instruments and sometimes blending elements from different genres, there’s no limit to what you can create.”– Dr. A.R. Rahman, Grammy and Academy Award winning musician, composer, singer-songwriter, music producer, and philanthropist


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“I started learning music at age 13. Back then, good music was all about what gave us goosebumps – and it still is. It offers comfort, especially when it feels like our world is turning upside down. As much as music has changed, the more it’s stayed the same. There are only 12 notes, whether it be Jazz, R&B, Rock or Classical. Music is forever.” – Quincy Jones, Grammy Award winning musician, artist, producer, and music pioneer



“Music has the unique potential to break down walls, bridge the gaps between different cultures and create revolutions. It opens our minds to new thoughts and ideas, new ways to live, and is a true catalyst for change. Take a look at all the underground anthems that have found mainstream success… these are songs that have permanently shaped the world as we know it.”  – Tinie Tempah, rapper, singer, songwriter


On June 21, music-lovers across the globe will come together to celebrate Make Music Day in recognition of the profound impact music has on our lives. Stay tuned to the blog this month as HARMAN explores why music matters, and celebrates the innumerable ways it shapes our world.

A.R. Rahman is also wishing all his HARMAN colleagues a happy Make Music Day. Check out his message: