Among the key lessons that the world has learned over the past few months is the profound importance of music: to heal, to remind us of who we are in an environment where nothing seems normal, to bring us together even in the midst of social distancing. Together with our family of esteemed audio brands we at HARMAN have long championed music’s unique ability to help people enhance their mood and inspire their lives. But in order to tap into that transformative power of music, one key is knowing how to listen.

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In truth, listening is not just a skill, but a veritable art form. And in light of the benefits that it offers, true listening is an art that everybody should want to master. To that end, HARMAN is pleased to announce the launch of our Art of Listening website to provide people a place for self-education and inspiration, complementing the work HARMAN is doing to bring contemporary music education to students of all ages by collaborating with some of the most influential music education organizations around the globe.

Through the Art of Listening website, people will gain access to a rich knowledge resource filled with constantly updated information that is not only educational, but inspiring and entertaining as well. We hope that it will help all visitors improve their listening techniques and reap the full, very real rewards of active listening.

Available on the site are listening tips developed by our audio experts, carefully curated playlists for evaluating your audio equipment, inspirational videos, direct access to the latest episodes of the Audio Matters podcast, and much more.

The Art of Listening microsite clearly represents HARMAN’s highest aim, which is to leverage our 70 years of audio expertise to enable listeners around the world to get the most out of every moment that they spend listening.