A global leader in the connected car space, HARMAN believes that the next generation of automotive innovations will come from inside the vehicle itself and redefine how consumers value their in-car experiences.

We believe that a vehicle’s value is no longer based solely in its physical performance and features, but rather by the connected experience it provides consumers. Sharing the message about this shift from RPM to EPM – or Experiences Per Mile – is just one of the reasons HARMAN launched the Experiences Per Mile Podcast last year. By providing specially curated content for automotive technology professionals and enthusiasts, the EPM Podcast is helping shift the conversation from RPM to EPM and adding focus to the technologies that drive mobility experiences.

Now, the EPM Podcast is coming back on July 22nd with four brand-new episodes that reveal even more details and insights about the future of mobility and the in-vehicle experience. To get ready for the second series, we’re giving you a sneak preview of the new episodes:

Arvin Baalu
Arvin Baalu, Vice President of Product Management & System Design, HARMAN

Episode 7: What Foundational Elements are Needed in the Digital Cockpit of the Future to Boost Consumer Enjoyment?
The EPM relaunch kicks off with a conversation between our host, Karen Piurkowski, Global Director of Marketing, Connected Car & Connected Services at HARMAN, and Arvin Baalu, Vice President of Product Management & System Design at HARMAN, about how recent innovations in the digital cockpit are already transforming how consumers think about and treat their in-car experiences. In this episode, Arvin will explain how HARMAN is integrating 5G and ADAS technologies to deliver seamless, intuitive experiences for drivers and passengers, as well as why the car ride of the future will feel more like sitting in one’s own living room where you’re watching television instead of a way to travel from Point A to Point B.



Keith Hadi 2
Keith Hadi, Director of Product Development, HARMAN

Episode 8: Can Society Reach Zero-Accident Mobility through ADAS to Provide a Feeling of Well-Being for Consumers?
In episode eight, Keith Hadi, Director of Product Development at HARMAN, joins Karen to discuss how Autonomous Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is critical to creating a safer future for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike. While ADAS technology has already been integrated in many forms in today’s vehicles, Keith will explain why these innovations represent only the tip of the iceberg for the safety benefits they deliver. They also discuss how a future with no automobile accidents, injuries, or fatalities is not only attainable, but something we will likely experience in the near future.



Mark Boyadjis, Global Technology Lead for Automotive Advisory Services, IHS Markit

Episode 9: Why Are Automakers Using OTA Updates to Improve Consumer Experiences?
Next, special guest Mark Boyadjis, Global Technology Lead for Automotive Advisory Services at IHS Markit will join the EPM Podcast to answer all your questions about Over-the-Air (OTA) update strategies and deployment. In this episode, Mark will cover the challenges involved in developing and integrating OTA technologies, the costs and logistics of mass-integration, and best practices to bring OTA solutions successfully to market.




Daniel Xing
Daniel Xing, Head of Product Management, HARMAN Ignite

Episode 10: How Can Consumers Increase their Productivity in the Car Using an Automotive Marketplace?
Our tenth episode features Daniel Xing, Head of Product Management for HARMAN Ignite, HARMAN’s automotive cloud platform. Together, Karen and Daniel will discuss the history and future of in-vehicle marketplaces and why they’ve become a priority for OEMs. If you’re curious about how the industry is moving towards offering apps and services in vehicles and why some automakers are developing their own marketplace ecosystems, you don’t want to miss this.

From the possibilities of ADAS to reimagining the digital cockpit, each episode features some of the most insightful voices in the automotive industry exploring some of the biggest trends that are shaping the mobility industry and in-car experiences. Catch up on previous conversations and listen to brand new episodes starting on July 22nd via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn or visit: car.harman.com/podcast.