HARMAN has been behind some of the most trendsetting connected technologies across sectors such as automotive, audio and enterprise markets for a while now. Our solutions have enabled us to support automakers globally in scaling new experiential heights, while pushing the boundaries of audio innovation, and more. So, how has HARMAN been able to remain a global technology leader over its storied 70+ year history? By employing the best of the best people from around the world. Year after year, every brilliant member of the HARMAN family continues to impress leaders within our organization, our professional partners, and our customers globally with their commitment, passion, and creativity. We’ve always believed in nurturing and celebrating this talent, and this June we decided to undertake initiatives – both old and new – through which we could continue to invest and support our people.

Extending Workplace Flexibility

HARMAN’s talented, dedicated and creative people are key to helping us deliver on our customer commitments, business growth and innovation success. With our new HARMAN Flex program going into effect on July 1st, we are pleased to offer eligible employees the flexibility to not be required to be in office a certain number of days. The past few years have transformed the way we live and work, and HARMAN is committed to providing our employees the flexibility they need to do their best work and succeed in their professional endeavors. From home offices to HARMAN offices, our people have shown us that they can be effective, productive, and inventive, whether working from home or the office.

Celebrating HARMAN Pride

At HARMAN, we believe our people operate at the highest level when they know, with full confidence, they can proudly be their full selves at work every day. This comes from knowing they’re understood and embraced by their organization. We’re continuing to grow into the most inclusive organization we can be, and our recent Pride Month initiatives helped us grow that much more. We launched new chapters of our newest Employee Resource Group, HARMAN Pride, across our offices in the U.S., Mexico, and India. We hosted people-led events with LGBTQ+ allies from the HARMAN community, LGBTQ+ thought leaders, and more, focused on educating HARMAN employees about topics that help them understand, embrace, and celebrate LGBTQ+ communities within HARMAN and beyond.

Making Music Magic, Again!

To showcase our love for music both in the workplace and in our communities, we celebrated Make Music Day once again this year. To commemorate this day, members of the HARMAN family shared homemade music videos that encapsulate special moments in their relationships with music. As part of our employee engagement program, we selected three timeless songs, “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, and “Let it Be” by The Beatles, and asked employees to share videos of themselves singing their favorite verses. We also took to the streets with our iconic Street Studios, installing them across eleven cities and across 5 countries around the world, where our employees joined world-class DJs and music producers to share and enjoy the sounds of their cities with the world.

Creating In-Person Memories Across India

As a global technology leader, each of our offices around the world, from Mexico and Germany to the United States and India, plays a vital role in helping HARMAN achieve its goals and helping us set the standard for innovation among our peers. Understanding how this is made possible through the close and thoughtful collaboration across our teams, HARMAN CEO Michael Mauser and other senior leaders recently visited HARMAN India’s offices across Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai to personally lend a hand in that effort. They met with employees one-on-one over several local programs and dialogues, to continue strengthening our connections with employees and discuss ways in which HARMAN’s teams in India can continue to fuel our innovation efforts locally and globally.


On June 15, the HARMAN Black Professionals Network (HBPN) hosted a Juneteenth commemoration session to discuss the significance of the holiday and educate HARMAN employees. Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Emancipation Day, and Liberation Day, commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans in the United States. During the presentation, HBPN members and their allies shared what Juneteenth means to them:

Kijana Signes, Stamford Site Leader: “I believe Juneteenth is important because it serves as a reminder of the hard-fought battle for racial equality. This day can serve as a day to heal, learn, and grow together as a nation. No one is free until everyone is free.”

Rachell Hall, Juneteenth Committee Leader: “Juneteenth is a reminder of resilience. It not only highlights the strength of African Americans but the courage of those that come together for the common goal of freedom for all.”  

Emmanuel Okobi, Texas Site Leader: “I will celebrate Juneteenth with my family and friends while talking about the history of slavery, how far we’ve come, and how much further is required to be free.” 

At HARMAN, we’ve said time and time again that our people are our greatest asset. There is no doubt in our minds that our business strategy is strongly interlinked with our people strategy, which means we believe that investing in our people is just good business! While we can never fully thank them for their efforts, we look forward to continuing to find ways to connect, engage and celebrate our people all year long. Interested in joining the HARMAN family and exploring the myriad opportunities we have in store? Visit https://jobs.harman.com/