When it comes to keeping fit, getting the blood pumping and the body operating to its full potential, research suggests that music is the key. More specifically, it's synchronous music that helps achieve greater results when training or working out. This is music that has an up-tempo song with a strong repetitive beat – keeping the listener in rhythm.

Research found that music with a strong rhythm and fast tempo of greater than 120 beats per minute (bpm) increases energy and induces bodily action. For example, when runners hear a repetitive beat they are inclined to synchronize their feet to hit the floor to each beat. Increase that tempo and they'll increase their running pace.

Some songs with 120 bpm to test out the theory include:

Not only this, music also enhances moods such as happiness and vigor, while tempering moods such as anger, depression and tension. It also narrows an athlete’s attention, helping them to not notice fatigue.

When it comes to what type of music gives a better result, it's not hugely important. Playing any music achieved greater results, compared to tests where no music was played at all. In cases where the music has a tempo greater than 120 bpm – typically pop or rock music – the outcomes were stronger.

So, one secret to turning up your workout, may just be turning up your music.

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