From Music in Our Schools Month, to this month’s International Jazz Day or Buy a Musical Instrument Day – there are plenty of opportunities throughout the year to celebrate the influence of music on our lives and raise awareness of the importance of music education. At HARMAN, we’ve witnessed first-hand how music and musical education can help build self-esteem, foster a curious mind, and encourage a love of learning. Take a closer look at some of the ways we’re helping spread the power of music…


Make Music Day
Celebrated annually in June, Make Music Day is an international ‘festival’ of music that encourages people of all ages to experience the joy of making music. For the past several years, HARMAN has partnered with the Make Music Alliance as the official sound of Make Music Day Street Studios. These mobile recording studios are equipped with state-of-the-art microphones, speakers, recording equipment and a variety of instruments from HARMAN, all readily available for any passerby to come lay down their own track. Over the course of the day, musicians of all levels – from experts on the guitar to burgeoning drummers – can discover the expressive power of music.

Jam zone

Little Kids Rock
An early introduction to music is key to the musical and imaginative growth of every child, and Little Kids Rock is dedicated to helping teachers and schools build, restore, and expand music programs as diverse as the kids they serve. By partnering with public school districts in some of the nation’s most underserved communities, Little Kids Rock helps bring the gift of music-making to students by supplying musical equipment and providing training courses to teachers and educators. HARMAN’s partnership with Little Kids Rock began with the development and launch of Jam Zone in 2015 – an innovative online tool that provides free music instruction to kids and adults of all ages. Since then, we have expanded our partnership to provide modern and professional development training, curriculum, and instruments to music teachers in cities including Dallas, TX, Detroit, MI, Los Angeles, CA, and New York, NY.

Grammy Music Education Coalition
Our latest partnership found us working with the Grammy Music Education Coalition (GMEC), a non-profit collective of organizations dedicated to bringing universal music education to schools nationwide. The Coalition expertly designs music education programs based on the specific needs of the schools so that the programs will be sustainable for many years to come, ensuring that students, teachers, and parents fully realize the benefits of music education. Since joining the Coalition Founders Circle last year, HARMAN is helping provide the resources necessary for well-rounded music programs. This year, the first HARMAN Inspired Studios will be built in underfunded public schools located in New York, NY and Nashville, TN, followed by Los Angeles, CA in 2020.

Our appreciation of music has always been the driving force behind HARMAN – ever since we introduced the first FM tuner up to the sophisticated personal headphones we produce today, we have always wanted to bring its transformative energy to communities all over the world. Together with our partners, HARMAN remains dedicated to helping spread the power of music education. For more on what we’re doing to nurture music education: