Every November during World Quality Month, HARMAN employees come together to reaffirm our commitment to customer satisfaction and focus on the quality of our products, services, and business operations.

Our Quality Month theme this year was “Quality in Action: Stand Up Together,” a reflection on the impact of quality across all areas of our organization, and its importance for all team members to keep in mind, no matter their area of expertise. Ensuring the quality of our products and services doesn’t happen in a silo – it relies on buy-in from all of our team members, across all of our business units, and from the very first step of the product development process.

We started our Quality Month celebrations with a virtual keynote panel discussion to shed light on the ways we can further embed a quality-centric culture within HARMAN. In a conversation with many of our senior leaders we discussed how a quality culture starts with our people and how quality can enhance a corporate brand and improve customer satisfaction, as well as empower employees to embrace cross collaboration and strive for quality across business functions.  This discussion underscored not only the importance of quality throughout the many functions at HARMAN but also how each person has an important role.

At HARMAN, we also have a deep understanding of the important relationship between quality and sustainability. After all, quality is the foundation upon which sustainability and performance are built: high-quality products and services not only enhance customer satisfaction but also reduce waste, resource consumption, and associated costs. During our “Synergizing Quality, Sustainability, and Performance to Drive Success” panel session, our senior leaders shared how their teams balance and optimize quality and sustainability across four key areas, including compliance, performance, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


Throughout the month, employees also had access to our library of resources specific to our continued focus on quality, including immersive training sessions, energizing Power Hours, and “Voice of the Customer” speaker series. Highlights include a presentation from guest speaker Dave Farley on “Continuous Delivery – Better Software Faster: What Does “Good” Look Like?,” our “Build a Guitar” charity event, and more. Overall, HARMAN celebrated Quality Month with 29 Global sessions, 50 sessions held locally throughout Brazil, China, India, Japan, Korea, and the United States, more than 7,700 participants and the support of more than 80 HARMAN facilitators.  

Although World Quality Month has drawn to a close, HARMAN’s commitment to “Stand Up Together” and execute against our goals with a quality-first mindset never wavers. Throughout the year, we remain focused on delivering the high-quality products, solutions, and experiences that our customers expect. To stay up-to-date on the exciting products and solutions we have in store, follow us on X, Facebook, LinkedIn, and read our recent blog posts here.