Digital innovations are shaking up the hospitality industry with the help of technologies such as artificial intelligence that are unlocking new and better customer touch points and experiences. When hospitality providers deploy AI-powered technologies, they’re able to streamline operational processes and collect customer data.

HARMAN fully knows how AI-infused technologies can offer enterprises, including cruise lines, travel companies and lodging services providers, with a distinct competitive advantage over rivals who haven’t yet embraced AI’s true potential.

Energizing the Hotel Guest Experience with Virtual Assistants


Studies show that AI has the potential to transform almost every facet of your hospitality business to deliver better returns, processes and experiences. Earlier this month, HARMAN Professional Solutions announced our partnership with SoundHound Inc., a leader in voice-enabled AI, to deliver smart hotel room experiences. Powered by SoundHound Inc.’s Houndify voice AI platform and JBL’s legendary smart speakers, the combined solutions will provide sophisticated, voice-enabled experiences for hotel guests. In addition to extending the at home comfort of AI-powered smart home technologies, the JBL voice interface will help improve the hotel reduce customer service expenses.

Although we’re currently running pilot programs of our solution in hotels around the world, we expect the speakers will enable hotel guests to use their voices to seamlessly navigate their hotel’s many offerings and features, as well as control room settings.

Lavish Cruise Experiences Accentuated with ZOE

Cruise lines today can now tap into the power of top performing technologies that work effortlessly together with high scalability to fit needs as they shift and grow. To help cruise lines take first class sailing a notch higher, HARMAN announced a collaboration with MSC Cruises earlier this year to introduce travelers to ZOE.

Powered by artificial intelligence, ZOE is the cruise industry’s first voice-activated digital assistant that can speak seven languages and answer over 800 of the most commonly asked questions – providing information about on-board services, suggestions for activities and even help in booking a specific service. It’s also simple for passengers to use! By simply walking into their cabin and saying, “OK ZOE” – the passenger’s virtual personal cruise assistant will immediately start responding to their question.

Powered by machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), ZOE’s advanced voice recognition feature makes it easy for guests of all age groups to control and access information using only voice commands. The virtual assistant seamlessly helps create schedules and itineraries for guests. For the cruise line, ZOE lightens the load substantially for concierges and other guest-facing staff, especially during peak times like on boarding and off boarding.

Entertaining Guests with Cutting-Edge Smart Home Solutions

Over the years, HARMAN has partnered with leading communications technologies providers, such as Sprint, to deliver intelligent AI tech to customers with best-in-class network connectivity. Announced in the first half of 2019, Sprint and HARMAN joined forces to introduce the Sprint TREBL™ with Magic Box, the world’s first smart home small cell solutions providing enhanced LTE coverage, integrated Alexa voice assistant and superior Harman Kardon sound quality. When leveraged across hospitality settings, the next generation platform provides guests with data coverage, a fully integrated personal assistant and control of Smart Home Devices using the Amazon Alexa eco-system. With a lightweight and water-resistant design, resorts and hotels alike can place the Sprint TREBL with Magic Box either indoors in guests’ rooms or outdoors by the pool.


When it comes to redefining hospitality, personalization is the name of the game. Enabling the use of AI-powered voice-enabled assistants within the hospitality industry allows businesses to better forecast a customer’s individual needs and offer truly personalized experiences. As our world continues to become more connected, HARMAN looks forward to extending our AI-enabled connected solutions to diverse audiences, in the hospitality industry and beyond.

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