Professional sound systems like those used in performance venues such as stadiums, theaters, cinemas and night clubs need tremendous power to amplify sound to their audiences. In these instances, did you know HARMAN offers audio solutions that reduce energy use, heat dissipation and overall ecological footprints, while the resulting acoustical experience remains best-in-class?

GreenEdge is HARMAN’s comprehensive ‘alternative certification’ that assesses nearly every aspect of select products in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of professionally installed sound systems. Although energy efficiency certifications exist for consumer goods, they do not take into account the total environmental impact of each product. On the contrary, GreenEdge goes beyond power consumption and considers items such as total weight, materials used and product size. Along with innovative amplifier and speaker technologies, HARMAN GreenEdge systems provide environmentally friendly solutions while delivering substantial increases in performance and system efficiency.

HARMAN products with the GreenEdge designation meet many or all of the following benefits:

  • Minimum energy consumption with increased audio performance
  • Improved acoustic transparency and dynamic response
  • Amplifier efficiency up to 90%
  • Higher sound pressure levels (SPL)
  • Reduced heat dissipation
  • Lower system weight
  • Reduced packaging requirements
Crown DriveCore™ Goes GreenEdge

Crown’s DriveCore Technology allows for considerably less energy consumption while delivering unsurpassed performance. It replaces up to 500 parts with one small chip, significantly reducing part count and increasing reliability, all while maintaining Crown’s legendary performance. Crown amplifiers with this technology generate more operating efficiency and are more reliable since they have fewer parts. Spearheaded by the HARMAN GreenEdge initiative, DriveCore Technology began and has continued its energy-efficient legacy in product lines such as the XLS DriveCore Series, ComTech DriveCore Series, DriveCore Install Series, and the newly launched JBL Commercial Series amplifiers. Any restaurant, stadium, retail space, or DJ using these products can have peace of mind that their amplifier is not wasting energy, and they are receiving the best possible performance available in the market today.

Crown’s latest-generation XLS amplifiers with Drivecore 2 Technology

Specific GreenEdge benefits for DriveCore based products include:

  • Lighter in weight leading to less freight and reduced emissions
  • Use recycled copper, aluminum and steel from factory processes
  • More energy efficient, resulting in lower electrical requirements
  • Conform to lead-free ROHS standards
  • Energy saving modes
  • A low-energy powder coat that uses 33% less energy
  • Less heat production for lower cooling infrastructure