The intelligent QuantumLogic 3D algorithm employs height channels to create unmatched surround experience while maintaining integrity of original recording.

Harman’s QLS innovations reflect years of research into the science of sound perception and advanced signal processing along with expertise in acoustics, recording and playback technologies. QLS 3D technology is compatible with mono, stereo, and multi-channel content and creates a natural three-dimensional sound field without artificial effects. QuantumLogic 3D technology is available today for all automotive OEMs, and provides an important differentiator for automotive manufacturers looking to stand out with their premium audio offerings.

New technology brings three-dimensional surround sound experience to in-car audio.

QuantumLogic 3D expands Harman’s lead in the exploration of the use of surround sound in consumer and professional environments where QLS has already been called one of the most important advancements in audio since stereo. While the move from mono to stereo clearly represented a significant music industry landmark, QLS 3D is poised to become the reference standard for three-dimensional audio playback for music and video sources of the future.

QuantumLogic 3D uses proprietary algorithms to extract audio streams (voices, instruments and spatial information) from the music source. The Aesthetic Engine, the brain behind QLS psychoacoustic intelligence, then identifies and sends those audio streams to the appropriate speaker locations depending on the listening environment. By design, QLS 3D uses only sources from the original material and does not add special effects, like reverberation, to create a three-dimensional surround experience. Embedded spectral and spatial qualities are maintained in a way that remains true to the integrity of the original recording. QLS 3D multi-channel surround sound output is compatible with all system architectures and will meet progressive content challenges to ensure today’s consumers receive the best audio experience well into the future.

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