By Dr. Cristina Bettencourt, Head of HARMAN University

At HARMAN, we owe every degree of our success to our talented and dedicated employees. While we already have extraordinary talent across all of our operations, we never stop trying to improve by learning about new strategies, technologies, and processes. Continuing our education and embracing our curiosity are paramount to success.

After discussing how to elevate our individual and collective performance, we decided to create and launch HARMAN University, our educational structure for learning and development (L&D), in 2016. In a matter of two years, we have advanced HARMAN University from its infancy to become a best-in-class corporate university. Designed with a centralized approach in mind, HARMAN University offers the same educational programs at our facilities across the globe to ensure employees receive equal opportunities to learn.

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Today, we offer a robust curriculum that includes more than 1,200 courses, ranging from brief, intro-level classes to multi-day sessions and certification programs. The University is home to the Business, Leadership, Engineering, and Functional Academies. Below is a snapshot of just a few of the courses and opportunities we have created through HARMAN University since its launch.

Engineering Training: With more than 13,000 engineers across HARMAN, we created custom, role-based training courses developed for all engineering positions. Taking HARMAN’s strategy and emerging technologies into account, we also developed specific learning curricula for engineers in strategic technologies, such as product security, telematics and Android.

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Novi recently hosted a training session focused on Embedded System Security, which taught 24-cross divisional participants how to prevent future cyberattacks by challenging them to think like a hacker.

Functional Academy: We are continuously expanding functional L&D opportunities, and in the two years, we launched the Finance, Quality, HR, and DigITal Academies. This summer, the Sales Academy (now in the pilot phase) will launch. To date, nearly 12,000 employees have leveraged the Function Academy to enhance their skills and effectiveness.

Leadership Programs: The First Time Leader, Experienced Leader, and Leading Leaders programs introduce managers to methods that help them successfully motivate their teams and achieve operational excellence.

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More than 80 HARMAN India employees recently had an opportunity to participate in Leading Leaders, organized by Connected Services HR.

Learning Days: Hosted in multiple sites across the globe, these sessions offer a deeper-dive into topics ranging from Artificial Intelligence and problem solving strategies to an examination of intellectual property and working in a multi-cultural workplace.

Harman London Team

Our team in London recently hosted Learning Days.

While we are proud of what we’ve achieved so far, we are always hungry at HARMAN – hungry for more knowledge, faster progress and greater success.

“We work hard to develop next generation technologies, which requires that we work to foster an inclusive and dynamic environment, where people can learn, develop, innovate and make a difference,” said Dinesh Paliwal, President and CEO of HARMAN. “Always be learning.”

We—the HARMAN University team—will continue to keep our eyes on the future and look for new opportunities for our employees to continue to grow and learn new skills.