Cambridge, UK, May 2019 ARCAM today announced the SA30, the new flagship integrated amplifier from its HDA product range. Designed around G Class amplification for impeccable sound and efficiency, the new ARCAM models its maker’s latest casework and fascia, housing an extensive features list, including wireless and custom install-friendly technologies. The inclusion of Dirac Live, the state-of-the-art room correction technology, helps ensure that SA30 owners will experience the very best performance the integrated has to offer, always individually optimised to its surroundings.

ARCAM engineers bring exceptional skill when it comes to applying Class G technology and the SA30 benefits from its design team’s excellence, offering 120W of power per channel 8Ω and 220W into 4Ω. Essentially a hybrid amplifier, the SA30 utilises Class A and its single power supply at full capacity approach amplification, switching in, when required, an additional power supply to drive those larger sections of the waveform. The result is an intoxicating blend of sonic power and low-level detail.

With this level of audio excellence on tap, you’ll want to introduce your new ARCAM amplifier to as many sources as possible and the SA30 is extremely well connected. Its five analogue inputs include a switchable MM/MC phono input, meaning that your amplifier is ready to take vinyl for a spin, while its four digital inputs help illustrate that this is an integrated for the ages past, present and future.

Devotees of the latest hi-resolution digital audio systems will welcome the SA30’s support for MQA (Master Quality Authenticated), as offered by the likes of TIDAL Masters, and its Roon Endpoint status means that it is all set to receive audio from Roon’s digital music player and library system. Equipped with ESS Technology’s 32-bit supporting high-end ESS Sabre ESS9038 DAC, all digital music is meticulously prepared for life in the analogue world.

Wireless support is thorough. Expect seamless operation with AirPlay 2, uPnP streamer set-ups and Chromecast-enabled equipment, while the HDMI ARC (audio return channel) makes the SR30 the ideal machine with which to receive an ARC audio feed from the likes of a TV. As well as ARC support, custom install professionals will no doubt value the amplifier's comprehensive I/P control suite, including Control4 and Crestron compatibility.

Dirac Live completes the SA30 tech armoury and helps ensure best possible results from the new ARCAM. Dirac Live is a cutting-edge room correction technology software that employs a sophisticated analysis of your loudspeakers and your listening room to optimise overall audio performance, removing colorations introduced by the room. Empowering the end user, the Dirac Live- equipped SA30 enables professional level room correction from the comfort of your own home.

Commenting on the launch of the ARCAM SA30, Scott Campbell, Director of Sales and Marketing at ARCAM, said: “The SA30 represents the new pinnacle for stereo amplification from ARCAM. Our hugely talented design team has left nothing on the pitch here. This is Class G technology expertly implemented and teamed with the latest cutting-edge features, including room correction technology, hi-resolution audio support, and custom install provision. I applaud their skills.

The ARCAM SA30 will be shown on 09 May at HIGH END in Munich. It is scheduled to go on sale in the UK during autumn 2019 with pricing to be advised before its retail launch. 


Arcam is based just outside the famous university city of Cambridge. Its story started the classic way: two friends with a passion for music and electronics met up while engineering students at Cambridge University, and founded Amplification and Recording Cambridge in 1976.

The company has now been developing and making CD players for almost 30 years, and for 40 years the descendants of the amplifier with which the company started in consumer electronics, and as far back as 1995 expanded into home cinema electronics, developing a world-class reputation for making some of the best-sounding AV electronics. Arcam has also developed its own DVD players and, more recently, Blu-ray players from scratch in the UK, engineering them using its decades of experience in CD players to ensure they play music as well as they do movies.

Hard-won techniques for preserving and handling the most delicate signal and reproducing music with all its subtleties, nuances and excitement intact are now in Arcam's blood. And, as audio moves to even higher definition formats, the maker is determined that its products should continue to serve the music faithfully and deliver maximum enjoyment to the listener.

Hi-fi and home cinema systems are always evolving, and Arcam and its dealers is here to help users keep up to speed with the latest developments, helping them make the right decisions. Whatever future technology appears on the market, ARCAM is confident that it can engineer systems that get the absolute best reproduction from whatever format is available.

Arcam has shown that no-nonsense engineering can work wonders when it comes to bringing music and movies to life: now it is delivering ever more ways to do that for a fast-changing entertainment world and developing new products to make the most of whatever the future may bring.

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